Reasons for Women Leave Men

Are you seeing some warning signals that your relationship is growing apart?  If you worry that your wife or girlfriend may leave you, then it is time to find out some of the reasons why women leave men. Every relationship is unique, and there is no single cause that triggers a woman to dump their partner.   But, knowing some of the common reasons can help to prevent a breakup.

You may not be aware that some small little things that you do may upset them, but they are tolerating it every moment.  All those small things, or frustrations, add up and eventually reach a limit until they can’t bear it anymore. The small bits of dissatisfaction and disappointment have over time grown in to a big frustration. At some point, without notice, your partner will just decide to leave the house. So, to ensure the relationship doesn’t hit that boundary, it is important to detect any warning signals and do something to improve the situation.

Many men thought that they know exactly the needs of their partners, think again. You may think that they are needy and required high maintenance, but this is totally a misconception. You should start to take them as a person instead of just a woman or wife or girlfriend.

Sometimes we may take them for granted especially when it is too long into a relationship. Start treating your partner the way you want to be treated.  Unfortunately some guys may treat their women like a surrogate mother or even a whore. Others worship their partners like a princess and put them on a pedestal. None of these are helpful to the relationship. In fact, most of them just want to be treated like an ordinary human being with care and respect.

But, every individual is different. Don’t assume they have the same thinking, interests, or preferences like you, your former girlfriends or your mother. Treat them as an individual who has their own likes and dislikes, and accept the fact that they will behave and act in their own way.

Very often a woman leaves a relationship because there are things she wasn’t feeling satisfied. There are needs not fulfilled, or you do not treat her with respect. Perhaps, she is also expecting more from her love life.

One good approach is to take your partner as your best friend. Deal with her like you would deal with a best friend. You must make her feel that you’re treating her with respect and that she is important. Show her that you’re still attracted by her, even after all these years.

There are plenty of reasons why a woman will dump a man. In general, if your woman is going to leave you, try to examine your attitude and past actions if she is being treated with the respect they deserve.

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