How to Win his Heart Back? Work on yourself First!

Your best friend, Alyssa, has just called to report to you that she saw your ex boyfriend going out with another girl. The news cuts deep because you have not got over him. The first thing that comes to your mind is that you must quickly do something to get him back before he is getting too serious with that person.

So, how to win his heart back quickly? Well, take a breather and don’t rush into doing anything. The fact is that you have more than what the other person has—that is the history of the two of you being together. This will be your “weapon” in the effort of restoring the lost love. Remember that history can take precedence over his current girlfriend.

Now take a look at that history especially on those great times with your old boyfriend. How great were those days? We often see things through rose-tinted glasses focusing on the pleasant part of the relationship, but obviously something happened that has resulted in a breakup. So, be real and not living in fantasy when reminiscing the past.

If you are getting confused of the situation, ask a close friend who can provide impartial comments and not just saying the things you want to hear. Compare the comments from your friends with what you really feel, and decide what you should do next.

In any case, if you discover some of your attitudes and doings were the key reasons for the breakdown of the relationship, then find ways to adjust those things. There is really no point to make up with your ex and later on suffer with another breakup if he has left you for the same reasons previously. So, deal with all the problems you are accountable for before trying to reconcile with them.

If your decision is to get back your old boyfriend, then it is time to get hold of him. Ask him through phone if both of you can meet up at somewhere neutral. Don’t let him know your intention to reconcile, or make him feel pressure to meet you. Just don’t scare him off at this point.

While meeting your ex, tell him that you have had the time to think carefully about what went wrong in the past. You have identified your mistakes and done some work to sort things out including yourself. The feeling for him is really strong, and you wish to get another chance from him.

Don’t push on anything but allow him the space to explain how he thinks about the relationship as well as what he wants. Don’t get personal or upset when he tells you the truth. He may also need some time to think over the relationship, so give him the space. Leave the meeting and wait for his call. You will get the result you want if it is meant to be.

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