How to Win her Heart Back? I miss my ex badly!

If you have landed on this page, it is very likely that you were having a breakup with your partner. You must be feeling miserable right now with anger, guilt, pain, and combined with some feelings of loss and confusion. Deep down the heart you are wondering how to win her heart back. While no one is perfect, only now you understand how much you miss her, and you are thinking hard on how to recover the love.

You may not know that more than 90 percent of all relationships in trouble can be saved.  But, there is a certain ways to do it in order to get the highest chance of success. It will be a tough ride which requires you to do whatever it takes, but winning back a sweetheart should provide enough motivation to take actions. I don’t say that the task is easy, but doable.

The first step requires you to examine the relationship to find out what exactly happened, and why? You need to be careful when trying to identify the actual cause of the problem. What are seen from the surface can easily be mistaken as the real problem while it is actually just the symptom. For example, you may think that constant conflicts are why the breakup happened. The truth is that the two people don’t have much chance to communicate to resolve conflicts because you were spending too much time at work. When you reach home everyday, your partner has already gone to bed. The root of the problem is, in fact, due to your long hour work. Keep digging and ask “why” for at least 5 times. You will get to the root of the issue.

Now that the roots of the breakup have been identified, the next step is to work on the solutions. At this point you are the only person who can make improvement. So, make the necessary changes to better yourself. You can’t influence your ex to change her doings but there is always a possibility that she may have improved herself since the breakup.

With all the effort put in, it is now the right time to contact your ex and try to steal her heart back. But, go slow. Set up a meeting with her and have a truthful face-to-face talk. Be aware that you are not actually dating your ex. Tell her you just want to talk. Be polite and straightforward on the discussion, and don’t force through anything.

Respect each other’s opinion, and this is definitely not the session to prove who was wrong. Let things flow naturally, and they will notice your improvement. Soon you can win back her heart if it is meant to be.

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