Win Back Girlfriend without Pushing her Further Away

If you’re dumped by a girlfriend lately and serious about learning how to recover the love, I have some good advice for you.While your former lover may still fall for you after the breakup, she is trying very hard to get over you. But, up to now she doesn’t understand why she still thinks of you while in the past you have treated her so badly. One sure thing is that she won’t trust you anymore. So, what can you do to win back girlfriend in this kind of condition?

First, you’re going to do a postmortem on the relationship at the point just before the spilt up. If you hear about the law of cause and effect, everything that happens has a specific cause as well as a unique set of result, be it good or ugly. If you really want another chance to recover with your ex girlfriend, you need to get down to the root of your bad behavior as to why you act and say things in a particular manner. Figure out the reasons that make you treat her so badly. When you know the reasons of the problems then you have to find ways to change your attitudes and actions. It takes times to make changes, but this is the only way to ensure history won’t repeat in future.

Insecurity is the root of all evils, not the money. People often behave badly for one reason, i.e., they don’t know what to do and how to handle a situation properly when they feel insecure. They don’t usually want to admit this, but most of the time that is the valid reason.

You feel inadequate and want to be over-compensated. If you act like a big boss to your girl showing them that you’re more of a man in some way, then you better think again! In fact you have just proven yourself to be a selfish little guy who wants love from your woman, but are either too scared to ask for it, or to tell her.

Your ex girlfriend may probably notice that too, at least to a certain extend. It is very common to see someone who wants to be over-compensated. Some guy likes to ride a bike that makes disturbing noise; another guy proves himself being a real man sleeping with every available girl; yet another guy treats the girlfriend like a maid. None of these things are helpful to win back your ex.

If you can learn how to be a secure guy, you don’t need to prove it. Instead you should focus all your times and efforts learning how to be a decent, honest and caring partner, and you will gain more trust and respect from that person. This is surely a much better way than the ‘big man’ theory.

While you have made every effort to change the mindset and get rid of the big man B.S., don’t expect your ex will change their perception on you overnight. Despite your continuous effort trying to convince her that you have made all necessary changes, only real actions can prove you’re serious on the change. To get her back will take time. If you don’t have that time and patient, it is better to let her go so that she can look for someone who will treat her well.

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