Win a Girl Back with Kindness & Confidence

Everyone has their own method to deal with an ex girlfriend. Some people purposely want to cause troubles to their ex by being nasty and impolite. Others would take the high road by being kind and caring hoping that they can win a girl back. Those who react as a nice person will find themselves learning to be a better lover when they finally get back together with their ex. Here are 4 key strategies to recover your relationship with love, patience, compassion and confidence.

1. Send them flowers
Flowers and their variety of colors carry a wide range of meanings. Red roses, forget-me-not and honeysuckle are just a few popular ones that signify love and passion. By sending someone the right type of flower can convey the friendship or your love message to them. You should put some thoughts in the flower selection including its color to show your feelings and kindness towards her.

2. Get to know their love life
While it can be a little awkward to ask about the love life of your ex, it is indeed a proven technique to recover the relationship with kindness. Always ask naturally in a friendly manner so that she won’t feel you are interrogating or invading her private life.

3. Act happy for their life
If you intend to get your ex back by being polite, respond as though you are feeling happy for their new life and achievements.  Even a fake one can make them confuse since all these while they think that you hate them. This can make them to revisit their thought on you as well as on their own emotions.

4) Introduce new flings to them
A good way to push your ex a little bit more is by introducing your new interests to them. You can make it vindictive or rude. Just let your ex know that you are seeing someone, and that you really wish to introduce them to her. This will bring out her jealousy and curiosity about your new love.  Jealousy is simply the best strategy to recover with an ex girlfriend.

While you can be motivated to carry out all these 4 steps, you should know how to keep your reputation and self-respect intact against the strategies used in getting your ex partner back. If your objective is to win back an ex in a nice way, then you should know how to maintain this balance.  If you get them back with kindness, they won’t trash-talk, or bad-mouth, or hate you. You also make them to have no reason to get over you.

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