When to end a relationship – Should you consider Alternatives?

If you continue to think when to end a relationship, then your marriage or dating life may have been already in the danger zone. But, do you know that most relationship can be saved if you do something about it? Would you like to consider improving your current situation instead of planning to break up with someone?

First, you will need to ask yourself honestly, “Do you still want to stay with that person if given a chance to fix all the current issues?” If yes, the first step is to know the condition you’re in now.

Get a clear understanding of what’s going between both partners but disregard the noises like those frequent fights and arguments. Focus on the most important facts of the matter. Your aim is to identify the actual reasons that cause the love to fade away, and you have to dig through the clutter and confusion to find the answers. Be brutally honest with yourself and get ready for some uncomfortable truths.

Your relationship does not just break down within one day. It is often a combination of many small things stacked up over time, and nobody has ever gone back to examine the situation and make things right. The condition is just becoming worse until it finally blows up. Therefore, ignoring these small little things marks the beginning of your nightmare.  If you allow these tiny things to add up, they will quickly grow into a small mountain of problems. So, be truthful about what has actually happened and what really caused all these troubles.

Once you’ve identified all the likely reasons that pushed the relationship to its limit, the next step is to have a talk with your partner. Go to places with people close by so that the discussion will not descend into argument. Tell them how you feel about the relationship and you want to sort things out. But, do it in a positive way.

You can talk about the things that you believe are the culprits, but listen carefully to what they’re going to say.  Find out what they think that has triggered the relationship to break down. Knowing what exactly the other person’s thinking is important as it gives you ideas for the things you should work on. Figure out together what need to be changed, either by an individual or both partners, so that the same mistakes can be avoided in future.

Find out what your partner thinks about the relationship. Do they think that it has a future? If they are also eager to improve on the current situation, then you can work together to fix problems and bring the love back to normal, or even build a better one.

Communication plays a very important role in maintaining a good understanding between partners. Effective communication allows you to share feelings, hopes, expectations, needs, fears and the don’ts, truthfully and candidly with each other. It is the cornerstone that makes all relationships a better one which lasts forever. If you have not been doing this well, tell your partner that you have learnt it now and that you want to talk to them on your concerns and work together on possible solutions.

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