I Want my Ex Boyfriend Back

You can’t stay focus because your mind keeps thinking of him. You are whispering to yourself that “I really miss him. I want my ex boyfriend back.” Are you sure you want to step back into that relationship?

Well, it can be tough at first when a breakup decision is made because there will be a mix of feelings such as sadness and loneliness together with a period of adjustment to get use to the new life. In fact, it is hard to predict how an individual will react and feel in the days after the relationship has broken down.

Despite of being heart breaking, it is always good to analysis and know why the relationship failed. If it is because you’re not compatible for long term then it is better to find yourself a new guy. Both of you deserve to be happy even though you are not couple anymore.

But if you’re truly pinning for that guy, try these steps.

1) Avoid stalking your ex while the eagerness is always there to see him or hear his voice.  This can annoy him and make him think that you have lost your mind. Try to show your maturity and confidence even though in the inside you’re desperate. Otherwise he will be pushed father away by you.

2) Make yourself look good every time when going out.  There is no ugly lady but a lazy one. Wear his favorite clothes, wear makeup, get hair done and maintain good cleanliness. There is no time to be slack but show your best possible light. Don’t change your look as this is how he felt for you in the first place.

3) Try to find out why he dumped you. Have you not treated him well, or did you behave poorly? If so, describe why you acted that way and apologize to him genuinely. Do it properly. While most of the men manage to hide their emotions better than women, they do have feelings.

4) Were you playing too many games with him? Some people look at the relationship as though they are in a playing field. “I do this and he does that” approach will not work on most men. Like everyone, they just don’t like to be played, or be fooled around. Treating the man will honesty is the best practice. If you’re into playing game to test his feeling for you, then just ask him directly. Men are more straight forward than women, and they are not good in reading your signs and trying to figure out what you want to hint them.

If there is a chance to recover the love, do all necessary things to sort out the issues that have contributed to the breakup. Otherwise you’re just waiting for another crisis to happen.  If you’re longing for this guy and want to spend the rest of your life together with, then you should make sure you’re compatible in all aspects.

While good sexual experience is an essential ingredient in building healthy relationship, it is not the only thing that matters. Also, work to improve on the shared values, appreciation and mutual respect. This can make you go a long way and never again will you get in to another crisis.

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