Self Help for Unhappy Relationship

If you’re suffering an unhappy relationship, there are a few self help methods that can help to bring back some spark into your love life. The truth is that many couples begin to see deterioration in the intimacy levels of their relationship over time. Some think that the love is over, but in fact their situations have settled down in to a routine pattern of lifestyles and habits.

Instead of leaving the relationship as it is and allowing the love to further fade away, here are some techniques you can try to restore the intimacy levels to the point when two people were happy together.

1. Couples who regularly engage in small talks will have less fights and arguments in their relationship. I’m not talking about feeding your lover with an hour-long of information on everything that you experience through the day. It is about sharing observations, feelings, and opinions about the things you’ve gone through during that day. Be interactive with your lover and avoid monosyllable reactions. Show some interests in what your partner is telling you. Ask questions and provide your comments positively.

2. Are you still looking your partner in the eyes when talking to them? When two people first met, you will have eye contact with that person and your mind will form a first impression of him / her. When both decided to know each other more, there will be lots of eye contact with each other on the day-to-day interaction. In fact, eye contact is a positive way to build relationship that can bring couples closer together. Over time when both partners get to know each other more, eye contact reduces, and couples can feel that the intimacy is decreasing.

3. Touch your partner more in a non-sexual contact can help to improve intimacy. Similarly, you should encourage your partner to touch you more. Give them a kiss or a hug at anytime you like without leading to further action. You can also offer them a neck or a hand massage, and hold their hands when you’re walking in the malls. All these physical contacts can help to rekindle love and trust in each other. It is in fact a very good self help method to follow.

4. Try to focus on the things about them that make you feel happy and appreciate about them. Ignore those that annoy you and do not bring any value to improve the situation. There must be something about your partner that has attracted you to them in the first place. So, spend more time on those positive things every day, and try not to waste time on the annoying attitude and actions that every person will have anyway.

5. Many couples fall in to a trap of giving too much of their time to the other person. While you need to spend time to enjoy each other’s company, it is also important to understand that all of us need a little break every now and then. The time out can be as simple as going out for a dinner with friends or working out in the gym. An unhappy relationship can be improved if couples exhibit trust and encourage their significant half to spend time doing the things they enjoy.

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