Getting Back Together after a Breakup

The worst feeling in the world is nothing more hurtful than confronting with an ending of a relationship. The pain is as hurt as someone has passed on. If you are coping with a heartbreaking situation and wondering what your chance is to bring two people back together, what I can say is that it’s totally relied on your particular situation.

But, getting back together after a breakup is a doable thing but needs some energy and a good plan. If you really feel that they are the one you really want to be for the rest of your life, try below steps.

Before executing your plan, you should have a good think about your relationship just before the breakup. What happened? If the breakup was caused by something you have said, or done, or because of a particular bad behavior, then the first thing is to apologize for what you have committed. If you acted differently compare to the person when they knew you in the first place, find out what changes you have made overtime, and consider going back to be that person who your ex fell in love with.

It is understandable that you feel helpless at this point, but you must not rush through the effort to rekindle things. If they are angry and upset then they probably need some time to calm down and think about what they want to do next. You should know that there is no way to force them to love you again. If they don’t have the feeling for you anymore, perhaps it’s time to continue with life alone.

Never let your ex sees that you are desperate to make up with them as this can turn them off immediately. Instead, show them the type of person they like to see. Act mature and demonstrate to them that you improved a lot since the breakup. Don’t disturb them by sending text messages, emails, or call them every few minutes. This will annoy them and make the situation irreversible.  In fact, what they need the most now is to have some space to clear the mind and then think about the relationship.

You can give them a call after a week or two asking if they want to sit down to talk things through. Meet them in some neutral places when they are ready, but don’t plead or beg them to take you back. Again say sorry for hurting them, and let them know you still love them. You want to make the relationship to work this time, and you like to discuss and resolve whatever problems that exist in the relationship. You would also do whatever to make things better this time. Pay attention to what they say, and let them know you care about their feelings. Show your sincerity that you want to work together to rekindle things and foster a better bond.

If in any case they show no interest to reconnect with you, then you can only accept the fact and move on. But, if they decide to give the relationship a second chance, it is important to examine what the conditions are before the breakup. What did you do? You need to amend all those bad behaviors including the things they are not happy. Put in effort to make the relationship work this time!

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