Tips on Surviving a Breakup — Should you Reconcile?

Anyone who has gone through a breakup knows that the situation is absolutely devastating. At one point you’re madly in love with that person, and now both people are going in a different direction. At times you don’t think that you can get over the pain, and things will not be the same again. But no matter how difficult the situation is, there will be a time when you look back at the relationship and feel a total release.

If you’re looking for great tips on surviving a breakup, perhaps, the first thing you need to look at is whether the love is really over, or whether there is a chance to rekindle things. Breakup can happen when two partners are in the heat of a fight. When both people have time to think about the event later, one or two people may change their minds. There are couples who split up and make up a few days later.

If you feel strongly that your relationship can still be saved, then there are many ways and strategies to go about winning your loved one back.

Don’t go overboard pushing and pleading them to get back with you. Cut off all communications for a while and provide them some space. If they want to talk to you they will call. If they don’t contact you right away just don’t get stressed up. Wait for a week, and if they still don’t, then call them. Keep the talk casual and short, and avoid pleading or crying to get them back. Just say hello and ask how they are doing.

When you provide them the space, you are also giving yourself the time to think about the relationship, and what might have gone wrong previously. Find out exactly what you didn’t do right in the past and put effort to change it.

It is understandable that no one would like to change themselves too much to accommodate the other person. But, when two people have started a relationship, both parties will put in effort trying to look good and be nice to the other person. As the love becomes more mature, some of these efforts are less obvious. So, can you be the same person you first dated your ex?

Having to understand this, may be it is the right time to reignite the romance and reinstall the spark. Groom yourself with nice clothes, have a stylish haircut, and then invite your ex out to a dinner to talk things over. Impress them all over again like what you did on your first date.

There may be other things you need to fix that may have caused the relationship to grow apart. Are you overly possessive of them? Were the two of you arguing too much? Were you spending too much time at work or with friends? If you know what went wrong then you can prevent and resolve issue to save the relationship.

However, there is a possibility your ex has decided to move on with their life. In such situation there is not much you can do to bring them back. So, be prepared to move on without them. At least you do try and learn how to handle the next relationship better.

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