Good Topics to Talk About with your Boyfriend

Love can mean a lot of things to different people. It can depict your devotion to that special person which requires constant sacrifice and compromise, or it can also be explained and characterized by the oxymoron such as a bitter happiness. This is true because from time to time you will need to do some things that you don’t really wish to do. Choosing good topics to talk about with your boyfriend is just one of those many things.

You can make a guy feel bored if you touch on a topic that he doesn’t have interest in. Let’s face it! Not all men will tell their partners what they really like. Most of the time it is left up to you to find out what your lover’s real interest lies. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine what they truly like.

Put it in this way. You boyfriend can be one of those guys who doesn’t share much of his real feelings. In this case, you may first need to gain his trust and remove those naturally raised obstacles. The easiest way is to talk to him openly about the things he likes to do.  I know what’s in your mind now. You probably think that it is difficult to do because you may not have the knowledge or interest at all about that topic. Well, if your goal is to have some long conversation with your significant other, show some interest in those topic, at least with a bit of knowledge and understanding about the subject that is being discussed about. But, keep the conversation simple.

Most people like eating and drinking. I bet both of you are enjoying good food along with some drinks. So, one of the things to talk about with boyfriend will be on the food and beverages. Very likely that your first date will involve a dinner together, and you know for sure the food is a subject that will interest both of you. Having discussion on food can lead you to other relating topics such as which restaurants in town are selling good food with nice music.

Yes! Music is another great subject to discuss about, and most guys will have some interest in it. I’m sure you are no exception to that. It is alright for both people to have different preference on the type of music, but it won’t be too difficult to find a common ground about the artists or particular song that both of you enjoy. When discussing about music, your talk can easily switch over to love and romance, and subsequently a more intimate talk.

That’s right, girlfriend! I’m sure you know where this conversation will be heading to, perhaps a bedroom talk or sex. Take this chance to grab his full attention to talk about your sex life or the intimate parts of the relationship. While doing this may make you lose some of your inhibitions, it certainly serves you well for doing this.

Other than these 3 things, there are plenty of topics you can talk about with your man. Some examples are movies, reading, local events, politics, sports, and hundreds more. But, it still boils down to the interests of your boyfriend, and you have to find them.

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