How can I get my Old Boyfriend Back in 7 Steps

Were you recently dumped by your boyfriend? I know it can be really hurt, and so you are asking “how can I get my old boyfriend back.” Given below are 7 easy steps.

1. The very first step may seem odd, but it is absolutely important to first find out if you really want to take him back. You may think that he is indispensable, but life will still continue without your ex. You will eventually get over him and move on, if giving you the time.  If he is really worth keeping, do whatever it takes to get him back. But don’t hang on to the relationship just because of the convenience right now. Remember that there are many other guys out there, and you don’t need to keep that “any old guy” if he is not the right person.

2. Now, think hard about why he left you. Did he say why he broke up with you? Think about the things he mentioned the days just before the breakup. He might have letting out his frustration that you were too sloppy or clingy. You have to make a decision if you want to change to the type of girlfriend that he desires.

3. Don’t disturb him. Many girls think that by contacting their ex continuously with a bunch of emails, text messages and phone calls can show how much they love that person and help to bring back the love. They even track down their ex. This is a wrong move. You should give him space so that both partners will have time to reexamine the relationship. If both go to the same school or office together, you don’t really need to avoid him but don’t run after him either.

4. Don’t ever manipulate your ex. Some girls may try to flirt or even date his friends to make him feel jealous. More often than not, this will annoy him and push him further away.

5. Play a little bit of hard to get. While you may be desperate to jump right back into his arms, you don’t want him to feel that you’re too easy to tackle.  Guys will not treasure anything that comes easy. Let him chase a bit.

6. Don’t send an emissary trying to neutralize things. Sending a girlfriend as a “path finder” to “feel out” your ex can put them in an awkward situation and annoy them. Anything you wish to say to him, just do it yourself. He doesn’t like to express his feelings and emotions to your friends either.

7. Stop worrying about his new date. It is common for guys to engage with someone new after the breakup. It may be just a rebound relationship, and it seldom lasts. If you do the right things right, it is possible that your ex will come back when he has worked things out. At this point of time, do whatever he is looking for from a girl.  Be friendly, gorgeous, and happy. All these will pull him away from that good time girl.

Instead of winning back their old boyfriends, many girls are doing the wrong things end up pushing their lovers further away. Take these 7 tips to heart and be the winner in the dating game once again.

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