Breaking Up with Someone – Still in Love with Ex

Are you breaking up with someone recently and searching for help? Now you start to accept the fact that you are living a life without that person to be around. There are two choices right now—to move on with a new life, or to get back together with that person.

If the only way out is to move on after some serious consideration, then the type of help you are going to need will depend on how deep the relationship is. If the bond of the relationship is strong, the recovery process will definitely take plenty of time.

It is important at this stage to take care of yourself especially after experiencing all those turbulence and confusion. In any case if you still have a strong feeling towards your ex, the emotion can be even more intense. Don’t penalize yourself for any wrong decision made. In fact, you already did all you could, so just relax.

Another thing you should be aware is that taking care of your ex is no longer your responsibility. While you may still love them, you should just concentrate on looking after yourself.

It may be a good option to talk to someone at this stage. A marriage therapist can help to put things into perspective, and it should be done soonest possible.  While you’re still emotionally weak, sensitive and vulnerable, the earlier you restore your eroded self-esteem and composure the better it is.

If you’re looking for help to recover your love, then you need some of the tips mentioned above, a good strategy and a plan to bring you full circle and your ex back. So, take the above steps to heart, i.e., to take care of yourself, seek help from counselor, and stop contacting your ex for a short period while you regain self-esteem.

When you’ve been through the first re-grouping stage and are now more settling down emotionally, start contacting your ex and ask for a talk. Meet them in a neutral place and stay calm throughout the whole conversation. Tell them you’ve had time to ponder about the relationship, and you wish to have another chance to make it work. Pay attention to what they are going to tell you. You don’t have to agree with them, but just listen.

Tell them to think about your idea, and leave to give them time. Wait for their call, but the answer can go either way. This strategy can’t assure you anything, but it will let you know if there is still any hope to get back together. Good luck!

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