Should I Get Back with my Ex?

Many people will ask, “Should I get back with my ex?” Well, if you feel your life is imperfect, or you can’t live without having them to be around, then you have a big challenge lies ahead. Reconciling with your ex is possible although it isn’t easy. It needs a lot of time, energy and introspection to rekindle things. So, if you intend to restore the lost love, you better make sure it is worth it.

If you are trying to understand why you want to get back together with them, perhaps you should ask yourself why the breakup happened in the first place. This requires some close examination of the situation just before the separation, and it will be a tough thing to do. What did you do? Was the divide the outcome of a self-centered thinking? If yes, why did you act in such an undesirable manner?

If you wish to rekindle the love with your ex, it is important to make sure that being together again will benefit both partners in long term and not just to satisfy the desire of a self-absorbed person. If the purpose is to mend a void in your heart, it may not benefit your ex. In such case, you should just live with the results of your selfishness. So, if the breakup was caused by your faults, or your selfishness, or your egoism, then changes must be made before getting back. Otherwise it will have very little chance of success.

You should know that if the relationship is not good for both partners, it will have very little positive results moving forward. If the separation was caused by the selfish actions of your ex, then do you think that he or she will change? Take a look at his or her actions and attitudes. Are they going to repeat those things again? There is only hope for the relationship unless genuine remorse to make the necessary changes to improve their behaviors is apparent.

If their selfish actions do harm the relationship and you, then getting back together is probably not a good idea. If you are confident that they aren’t going to repeat those bad doings and behaviors, then you should try to win back your former lover. Try to obverse if they still continue to act selfishly, or they are now more interested to do something that is good for the relationship.

In either case, whether it was due to your self-centered behaviors or theirs, or both, you should know that the two of you can do things for the benefit of each other. The relationship cannot go very far if one person is self-centered. If both people are done being selfish and now focus on building a better relationship, it will be a good idea to win back the lost love.

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