How to Say Sorry To a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You probably have heard this song before from Elton John, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” The song writer is certainly right. But then, if your recent bad behaviors or actions have hurt the person you love, an apology is definitely overdue even though it is hard to do. It can upset your partner for a long time and damage the relationship if you choose not to do anything.

In many cases people find incredibly hard to say sorry to their partners. Perhaps it is because they feel embarrass for their wrong-doings. Perhaps they are just too stubborn to apologize, or admit their mistakes. In any case, it is important to apologize to your loved one if you have acted strangely or done something wrong. If you’re wondering what to do now, here are four good ways on how to say sorry to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

1) Give a simple apology: For small issues that do not require any serious thought, a simple apology is a good way to seek forgiveness from your partner. However, it can be extremely hard for people who have strong ego. They are often stubborn, and don’t like to apologize to others. You should be aware that this method does not work for the more serious issues. If the mistakes is somewhat big, a simply apology can be deemed as insincere.

2) Have a long talk: If you have involved in some bad conduct, it is advisable to sit down and have a truthful talk with your significant other. Acknowledge your mistakes and talk about how you’ve upset them. Ask for their forgiveness. You will have to tell them openly what you did wrong, and the steps to be taken to ensure it won’t happen again. A long and sincere conversation is the most genuine way to say sorry and to resolve issues.

3) Present a gift: This is a secondary effort to be done on top of a normal apology. It is an extra initiative which is intended to make up for the problem and to please your partner. Obviously it won’t solve the problem, but it can make them feel better and to be more willing to accept your apology.

4) Going out to enjoy: Another good way to show your sincerity is to plan an excellent night with your sweetheart. If they are willing to go out with you, and that they enjoy the evening together, it is a good sign that they may forgive you soon.

Make sure you are very clear of the bad attributes that you’re feeling sorry to them. While some situation may just require a simple apology, the bigger issue will need to have more intense actions. Spend some time and effort to identify the reason for your apology and the appropriate method to be used. You want to make sure your action does help to mend your relationship.

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