Saving a Marriage Breakup with Counseling

All marriages go through some rough patches. A number of them suffer several times of severe turmoil such as chronic illnesses in the family, infidelity, national disasters, and death of the partner. While some relationships hold strong during crisis, others start to fall apart. Nevertheless, saving a marriage crisis is possible if you are willing to go through some marital counseling. A lot of times when couples survive through a relationship, they learn and make an even stronger bonding.

All couples have their unique way to interact with each other. This is also true when dealing with problems. However, there are few red flags which are common in all marriages—warning signs that indicate troubles that are developing in a relationship. The sooner a couple can read these signals, the sooner they can take action and seek marriage counseling. The sooner they do something about it, the better chance they have to save their relationships.

Given below are some warning signs that couples may likely be heading towards crisis.

  1. They often nitpick, quarrel, and nag.
  2. They don’t spend enough time together.
  3. They involve in activities which do not include their partners. It may be more fun to spend time with friends than with their partners.
  4. They don’t discuss issues together. For example, one person may not be aware of the problems around the house, or issues with the kids that the other person is handling.
  5. They don’t have good alignment on long-term family plans and goals.
  6. They have very little sex or none.
  7. They don’t have much daily conversation. They are very likely unaware of the important events that are happening in each other’s workplace.

Seeing a marital counselor can certainly help couples who suffer the above problems to deal with their issues more effectively. The therapist can also help on other issues. You should know that all marriages are meant to be happy and enjoyable in the first place, and there is no reason why you have to continue suffering with an unhappy relationship.

Unfortunately most people will opt for divorce or separation without first giving a fair chance to work on their marriage. They can, in fact, make use of counseling to work through their problems.

Professional counselors are trained to work with couples who are confronting with all kinds of problems. They deal with people on issues relating to children, family, infidelity, spending and a lot more. People who attend the sessions will also have a chance to learn the followings:

  1. How to resolve conflict through effective listening.
  2. How to specify needs openly and clearly without getting angry.
  3. How to get what you want naturally without making demands
  4. How to settle unresolved problems.
  5. How to understand the needs on each other—to align the wants—and to achieve them.

The counseling session can help to overcome a marriage breakup. Don’t wait too long to seek help as the chances of recovering the relationship may reduce. While marital counseling can be your ultimate solution before going into separation, you can also try other self-help methods which will teach you how to stop a breakup, or recover from a relationship crisis.

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