Steps to Get your Ex Back — the Right Way

Are you looking for some proven steps to get your ex back after splitting up with them? Although a breakup situation is devastating, it doesn’t mean that the love is gone. In some situation, this may not be forever and it can be restored. But, there is another more important thing to worry at this point. That is to find out if you really have a chance. Here are some steps to determine if the answer to get back together is still possible. Sometimes even your former lover has already moved on and show no interest to recover the relationship, you may still stand a chance to achieve your objective.

The first strategy is to focus your energy to convince them that you’re important in their life. If you’re looking for tips to win back your ex, it is clear that you miss them and don’t want to lose the relationship. Your previous lover may have the same feeling as well. Knowing that this can happen, it is a good way to find out if you still stand a chance or not. Without telling you the steps this may seem difficult to do. Here are the things you can try.

If you worry that they won’t accept you back, you can start by being a friend to them first, and then a close friend. Let them know you care and concern about their feelings. Do all the things that good friends will do. Be cheerful and joke on the situations. Show them that both of you can have a happy and healthy friendship without getting into any drama. If you really want to reunite with your lover, first try to establish a healthy positive friendship and see how things will develop further from there.

Another vital step is to work on communication. How did you talk to them in your first date? Were you trying to be friendly and kind, and talk well with them during that time? But whatever it is, don’t show them that they can take you back just like that. Playing a little hard to get will make them value you more. But, this particular step is not necessary if you are desperate.

One of the biggest threats in the rescue strategy is being too desperate. May be you do, but you should hide it well, and act like you accept everything that has happened. Also, show them you have no problem to move on to a new life if needed. At this point, you just want to be friends and wait to see how the relationship will go over time. Take the opportunity to look at what else are available out there, and don’t worry to go out with other opposite sex. Let them know you’re doing fine without them, and this may bring them back much earlier than you thought.  Hope these tips help. Good luck!

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