Getting Over Broken Heart with Less Effort

Are you trying to find a quick way of getting over broken heart? Do you feel so hurt that you’re going to explode at any minute? Are you bursting in tears almost everyday? Such experiences are par for the course when you are dealing with a falling relationship.

A woman whose first husband has passed on was recently dumped by her new boyfriend. She admitted that it is much more difficult to cope with a breakup than the death of her late husband. This is because when someone passed on, there’s always community support to bring them through the ordeal. But, you’re often left alone while dealing with a breakup.

When you’re in the midst of fighting the extreme pain on your own, the first thing is to write a long letter to pour your heart out to your ex partner. Tell him or her about your feelings and why you loved them. Write on a paper about your experience when both of you were together, and how you feel about the breakdown of relationship. It is completely alright to let go your emotions in this letter. No one is ever going to read this letter because you will light a candle to burn it away when you have finished writing it.  There is hardly any religious ceremony to go along with a breakup, but this step will certainly help to emote and recover your emotions.

Next, you’re going to agree on a time to return or exchange stuff. When two people are in love for some time, your ex will probably leave some items in your place that belong to him or her, and vice versa. You want to get these items back, and your ex is probably eager to do the same. If there are things that your ex does not want to take back, then throw them away or box them up. Don’t leave a toothbrush in the bathroom or continue to wear the watch that was given by your ex, if your aim is to recover from a broken heart. They will constantly remind you of him or her.

Sometimes you may have a joint bank account or financial matters that need to be settled when the love is over. If you owe him or her money, pay it off with your own fund or from another loan. Straightened out all parts of life that both of you have shared together. This is critical when you want to get over a broken heart.

When you have worked out what is required, agree for a period of no contact with each other, at least for a month. During this time you should not text, call or email him or her. If possible, define places such as a particular bar, church or gym to be “belonged” to just one party during this 30-day period.

You need the space in order to get over a breakup especially during this tough period. After you have had enough time to start a new life, you will be able to react naturally when meeting your ex partner. Just hang in there.

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