How to Get Over a Broken Heart – Hard but Doable!

Many people who have separated from their partners want to know how to get over a broken heart quickly. But, the truth is that it is a difficult process but doable.  The hurtful feelings and emotions can be quite intense, and the efforts to survive a breakup rely a lot on the personal strength and the available support.

The process is somewhat daunting especially with emptiness fills and overflows the heart. You can’t control the painful feeling that overwhelms you. However, what you should know is that you’re not the first and last couple to suffer this. You should take solace in the fact that both of you will eventually survive though the breakup and move forward.

There are several tactics that can help to heal your broken heart and survive through the recovery process.  First, don’t hide the pain. It is okay to feel sad and break down to cry if needed. Everyone has to pass through some rough obstacles and pain in life. If it is helpful, you can scream, write a long letter, or do whatever needed to let go all the pain and then move on.

When you have come to a calm state of mind, you’re ready to analyze things. Try to determine at what stage the two of you are in the relationship. Knowing the current situation will let you and your ex decide on the next move easily.  In most cases, you would find out that the love is really over, and you and your ex will have to come to terms with things.

When the decision is clear for not to continue with the relationship, then the next step will be to remove all the overlaps in life. This includes exchanging stuffs that left in each other’s home, settling the joint account in bank, etc. Agree on a time to exchange stuffs. Throw away the items he or she does not want to take back. Make sure nothing is left behind that can become a memory jogger later on.

Once the separation is done, perform a simple ritual such as burning away his remaining stuffs like letters, photos, etc. This is a symbolic gesture to let go the effigy of your ex.  Also, delete off all their files left in the computer. This symbolic event will benefit you.

At this time, try to spend time with family, friends, and other loved ones who can soothe your feelings during this critical moment. But, you must also be aware that even you have taken all the essential steps to reduce pain from a breakup, you would still feel the turbulence. Therefore, you will have to make use of all available help and social support when surviving a falling relationship.

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