I Miss My Ex Boyfriend – How to Get Past the Pain

There will surely be a period of adjustment and loneliness after a breakup decision is made with a boyfriend. Not only did he walk out of the room and take a piece of your heart, but he also left you with the emotional stress that can be too difficult to handle. You still miss him so much whenever you think of the past happy time together. This sad feelings will go away in time. But, If you keep whispering “I miss my ex boyfriend,” then there are some tips to help you get past the ordeal.

There are two ways to cope with a breakup. The first is to bring the traumatic experience to a closure, and the second is to start a brand new life.

End a chapter of your life by bringing the relationship to a finality. In fact, there are many things that a person should do when ending a relationship. First, accept the fact that he doesn’t want to take you back. If you hope that there may be a chance to recover the love, the healing process will not begin and things will not get any better.

Agree on a time to exchange stuffs, and don’t hold on to any of his belongings. You should also pick up all your things from his house. If you owe him money, settle it as soon as possible. Even though there is no ritual for ending a relationship, in order to terminate that feelings, you should burn away things he doesn’t want to take back or other items such as letters, cards, clothes, etc. This is important to bring the love to a complete closure.

Close the line of communication. Don’t text, call, email or visit their pages in the social websites, or let him contact you.  While both people can still be friends, but at this moment, you need the space to rest and heal your emotions. If you let him contact you, this is like allowing a wound to fester.

If you need a way to release the feeling, you can take out a letter pad and write about it.   Write him a long letter on how you feel about the breakup and relationship. But, no one is going to read the letter because it will be burnt away. This can bring your love to him to a closure.

After getting over the initial pain, start going back to live a normal life. While situation may be a bit awkward at first, you have to get use of being alone. When you start to put yourself out there, you will get to know more people.

Also, to fill the gap occupied by an old boyfriend, look for some new past times, or get involve in interesting activities that you always want to try. Join a dancing class, sport class, or sky diving course. Go to the local library, or the gym, or hang out in the bar. Likewise you can also reconnect with some old friends, or go out to meet some new people while enjoying the social events.

When you’re getting more involved on the social scene, the focus on the breakup will be diverted. If there is a chance to start dating again, accept the invitation for the night out even though he is not the Mr. Right who you will spend the rest of your life together.

As you start getting back into the dating game, you will soon find someone who will truly love and appreciate you. Never do you need to ask again “I miss my ex.”

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