I Miss My Ex Girlfriend – Play Hard to Get

For those guys who whisper “I miss my ex girlfriend,” they must be also thinking long and hard about what to do to get her back. It may be easy to philosophize about things that should be done in a different way, or start thinking how to write apology letters, or make plan that can undo and restore the current situation to the previous state.

Sometimes, all these hard work will only bring you to another blind alley for one key reason, i.e., you can’t really figure out what the actual reason is for the relationship to collapse. Women can be emotional sometimes. They may not even understand themselves why they feel and behave in a particular way which leads the relationship to a point of no return. In this circumstance it is a waste of time if trying to decipher what has gone wrong.

Having to say all these things, there are also cases where the relationship failed because of some assignable root causes. In this case it makes sense to identify the reasons and put fixes to them if you are thinking of getting back together.

The first move of the main strategy to win back your love is to disregard the relationship for a short period of time, and put focus on something else. Set new goals and expand your repertoire of meeting people. Get out of the house to do some fun, interesting things and make more new friends.

Allow yourself to make changes in life in the next few months. Taking the time away from your ex partner allows you to make gradual changes and give you the time to think about the relationship. This strategy can work wonders because after a few months you will have a better idea on what is your next move.

Do you want to move one? Or, are you still thinking about how to win her back? Act according to your wish. If getting back with her is your desire, then it is time to find out how she really feels about you.

At this point you may want to act a little bit more direct with your ex girlfriend. While the chance of getting back together will be higher if you make use of some good strategies, avoid being emotional, and begging her to take you back.

Instead, try playing hard to get, but don’t overdo. While the two of you has been separated for awhile, very likely she is also missing you as much as you are missing her. Show your ex that you’ve moved on, and everything is fine without her. This can probably inspire her to think a lot.

If you can ever get back with your ex again, it will become clear at this point. Take things slow and act cool. Don’t over analyze things as this can make you think too much and prevent you from doing the right things. Good luck!

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