Men Coping with being Dumped – Get Yourself Back First

Are there any proven methods for men coping with being dumped? This is a popular question for someone who has been dumped recently. I know you are feeling miserable right now. Your days may be in a big mess and nothing seems to work well. This is perfectly normal when a relationship has broken down. But, don’t just wallow in self-pity. Try to learn how to fix it especially when winning back your girlfriend is what you want to do next.

First, get yourself back. To be able to restore the love you need to be positive and confident. Work on getting over your emotions before talking to your lover again, If not, the conversation may develop into another complaining session, and both partners will be on the defensive mode once again. This won’t help in anyway except alienating them further.

You will need some time to deal with the anger and hurtful feelings. Take as long as it takes to get rid of those negative emotions, but deal with it each time when it pops up. You will feel better the next time it hits you again.  When you are in a good frame of mind, make a decision for the next course of action.

Try to identify what went wrong previously and address all those issues. If your objective is to get your ex back, then you must improve yourself.

Now, you are ready to call them out for a talk over coffee. If they accept your invitation, make a plan for what you want to say.  Don’t beg or plead them to get back together as this won’t work. Instead, try to have a casual talk and bring their memory back to the time when the two of you were having a lot of great fun. Also, let them witness some of the improvements you have made with their own eyes.

To warrant a long term success of the relationship, both partners will need to evaluate the situation and make changes to some bad behaviors and doings. But, at this point of time you are the only person who can change to recover the lost love. After successfully reconciling with them, both people can try to make the bond even stronger by addressing the other part of the issues that may be a threat to your relationship.

There is always a hope provided you are willing to do something about it. You can always find ways to win them back and work things out to give the relationship another chance. Even you are being dumped right now, it may not be permanent and there is still hope for an even better relationship after reconnecting.

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