Marriage in Trouble – Detect Warning Signs

If you are seeing warning signs of your marriage in trouble, then take appropriate actions to prevent a breakup. It is so much easier to avoid a spilt than to handle a reconciliation.

So, what signals should couples look out for? The most apparent one is quarrel. Are the two of you always fighting? While the relationship experts think that a certain amount of argument is normal and healthy because the making up process can be enjoyable. But, you are in the danger zone if both people just argue everyday and don’t make good partnerships.

The worse is that two parties are now ignoring and don’t talk to each other after going past the stage of fighting. Both share the same bed but leave a big gap in between them. There is nothing more sad and lonely than having a falling relationship like this.

Another common sign to look for is whether your other half goes out of the house often and spends more time with other people, than with you and your family.  You may think that everyone needs some space, own time and friends no matter how much they love you and the family. But, if they spend more time with others than with the family, then something may not be quite right.

If you have spotted any troubled signs in your marriage, you can’t just ignore them but deal with the issues now. Before taking any action, first decide what you want out of your love affair. Do you foresee a future with your relationship or with that person? If the answer is affirmative, then fight for your future but in a good way. There is no reason you should resort to physical violence.

If you have kids, arrange for them to spend the evening with a friend so that the two of you can talk. Ask your significant half out for the evening and bring them to a public place, but conducive enough to talk. This can avoid getting into another fight.

Don’t start the conversation and straight away get into accusing your partner for how upset, unhappy and let down you are. This will only push them to a defensive position, and lead into another argument. Instead, always ask positive questions such as how they feel about the current relationship? Are they feeling happy? Or, anything they think can improve the situations?

Pay attention to what they tell you, and remain calm throughout the discussion. Be non judgmental. Get yourself prepared that this will be a tough conversation and you need to hear some uncomfortable remarks. Hang in there as you want to make the relationship works.

The issues of your marriage may have been built up over a period of time. Therefore, don’t expect the issues can be resolved in just one day. But, the talk is important as it may trigger the start of a recovery process of making the relationship to work. Solution is always there for every problem. You will have to spend time to discover yours. In the meantime, work out and agree with your partner to have a mutual bond of sharing, love, trust and respect. This is definitely worth for the effort.

Acknowledge the warning signs of the marriage in trouble and take appropriate actions. If both parties want to work on it, you can certainly avoid a breakup and get back into living a happy, healthy marriage life.

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