Advice on Relationships – 10 Tips to Make Your Woman Happy

Many men struggle to keep their women happy. If you’re one of them, here is some advice on relationships that can improve whatever situation you’re in now.

1. First, I always recommend to the guys to act normal and be themselves. There is no advantage to put on a show just to impress a sexy, beautiful woman. Some men may think they are not good enough for that lady, but not knowing that being a confident person is even more attractive to a woman. Look around and you would see that the ugliest men have some of the most beautiful women. Why it is?  This is because a confident guy does win a woman’s heart, and it is not necessary to have a good physical appearance.

2. Next, help her on the little things from time to time like offering to take her car for a scheduled maintenance, helping her to do the lawn work, or giving her a bag of candy of her favorite flavors. All these little things add up and strengthen the relationship bonding. You don’t necessary need a big ‘gesture’ to impress upon her.

3. Never take your loved one for granted. Show your sincere appreciation when they did something good for you, and apologize to them when it is due. This shows that you value her.

4. Don’t ogle or look at other women so obvious when going out with her. Although it is men’s nature to behave in such a manner, unfortunately she doesn’t understand this and thinks that you’re comparing her with the others. Perhaps, this is because of the strong concept of monogamy that women have; perhaps, they are looking for a lifelong partner who they can raise kids and spend the rest of their life together. It is a biological drive that women have. So minimize your “looking” on other women when she is there.

5. The good looking attribute of a woman is on top of the men’s list, but women prefer the men to have a sense of humor who can always make them laugh.  To keep your relationship in good shape, always make her laugh.

6. Next, try to discover what the common interests are. One of the greatest things to do is to carry out a hobby or interest together with the person you love. If you’re willing to take up an interest because of her, it shows your concern and care. She will think you’re exceptionally good.

7. After getting that woman, some people think that they may not need to groom themselves. Although the women are less bothered by the looks compare to men, they want their man to make an effort. So, keep yourself up to date with the latest fashions for guys, shave often, and don’t get lazy and sloppy. It doesn’t mean that you have won her love now, and you won’t be dumped by her later.

8. A lot of time a woman depends on her social network to confirm her choices of relationship. She will need to know if you can fit in to her circle of life, including interacting with her friends and family. So, make effort to develop a good relationship with her parents and girlfriends.

9. Because of the hormonal effect, women have a less stable mood and behavior compare to men. If you’re considerate and sensitive to her feelings, and always pay attention to details, you won’t step on her toes.

10. Lastly, to make the relationship fresh and fun, always try new things. When you’ve just started dating, everything is new and fascinating including the types of dates you plan. But, many things will become routine after some time. So, you need to try new stuffs to shake things up a little. This can continue to make your relationship strong and healthy.

Keep these tips to heart and they will make you go a long way on your love life. These ten bits, in fact, are nothing but some common sense. I was once almost lost my sweetheart because I wasn’t sensitive enough to her feelings.  Until I found a book called “The Magic of Making Up” written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson, it woke me up with many suggestions base on just common sense. Our relationship has turned around and become much smother than ever.

You may want to check out this free video clip from T ‘Dub’ with great advice on relationships. Click here!

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