How to Make Him Want You Back – 5 Important Things

Thinking of how to make him want you back? Although it is not easy for a couple to reunite after breaking up, there are a few things that people should try to bring their ex back. But, the truth is that many people will fail in getting back their ex. It is not their fault but simply because no one has ever taught them or given them a procedure on how to deal with a break up when they started to date in the first place. Not to mention how to win someone back.

If you really want to recover with your boyfriend, then take these 5 tips to heart.

1. Before doing anything, first you must stop feeling sorry for yourself or wallow in self-pity.  Get rid of all the negative thinking in mind and get your head straight. It is important to stay strong at this time. Don’t let the sad emotions take over you. It will be much easier to do the next things right when keeping your mind clear and emotions in check. Remember that a positive behavior is always constructive.

2. You can’t undo any bad parts of a relationship or go back to change how things have happened. Stop dwelling on the past because it is already done and you have to accept this fact

Focus your effort on how to move forward. If the past relationship didn’t work out well, then you should identify the shortfalls and make changes to lay a better foundation for your ex partner to return.  I bet you will just skim over the bad things that happened in the past. Put it this way. A relationship didn’t just spoil in a day. So, don’t expect to fix everything within one day as well.

3. Avoid pestering your ex. You can push him farther away if being too obsessive especially he is no longer your boyfriend now. If you want to get back together, back off a bit although you’re eager to see his face and hear his voice.   Don’t visit his regular places pretending that you’re accidentally running into him. Continuously calling, emailing, or sending text messages can only upset him. The route to get back together will be tougher if you blow it this way. Give him some space and allow him to think. He may actually begin to miss you when he realizes that he has made a mistake to break up.

4. Make yourself a target of desire. If possible, try to get a new look for yourself. Get new clothes, new makeup, and new hairstyle. If you have gained a few extra pounds, start to eat healthy foods and do some work out. Also, get enough sleep so that you will always look good, feel confident and happy–and become a target of desire for guys, including him.

5. Don’t rush. If you execute steps 1 to 4 gradually and properly, at some points you will find him start calling you. He will certainly be shock to see your new look from step 4.  Very likely this will make him feel sorry about breaking up with you. At this point, try to limit any physical contact with him.

When he finds that you are looking good and that you are happy and confident, this can attract him for a second time. If you minimize the physical contact, it can make him crazy. But, don’t just get back with your ex and break up again weeks later.

Doing all these steps are not an easy task. But it can help the two of you to reunite after a break up.

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