How to win her heart back – It’s easier than you think!

Lost your woman? Want to know how to win her heart back? Well, I don’t know much about your case. But, in many situations I do know that it is not only possible to recover the lost love, it may be even easier than you ever anticipated.

One thing you must find out before doing anything. Does your ex still love you? Most of the time, she will still have the feeling for you, but for some reasons she just don’t want to show it.

It is not easy to forget someone you loved before, and the love passion is hard to kill. Generally, it takes a long time for the passion to subside unless you have been a jerk hurting or abusing her physically and emotionally. If you do not involve in cheating, she probably still has the feeling for you. What you should be doing is to remind her of that fact.

If you have treated her badly in the past, then you should consider getting help from a professional. Something may be terribly wrong with you if you have been unfaithful or abusing her. You have to face the truth now. Take some time to talk to someone so that you can improve yourself to be a better person. Not only will your ex will not regret her decision for getting back together, but it can improve your love life moving forward. You don’t need to worry she will leave you again.

If you have not involved in any abuse except that the love has just diminished, then it is much easier to win her back.  In most situations, what you have to do is to spend some quality time together on one-on-one basis. It doesn’t necessarily mean the intimate relationship.  She needs to feel your love and not just a person for you to fool around with.

A healthy sex life can help to maintain a good relationship, but there are also many other ways to connect with one another. You need to learn how to strike a balance between your emotional and sexual intimacy.

You should also spend more time together doing the things that both people enjoy. For example, invite her for a leisure trip to a nearby town on weekend where the two of you can have a nice talk to connect with each other again. It doesn’t really matter what you do so long the two of you can be together doing some activities.

Spending quality moment like this is a good way to remind her of the love she once had for you–the love that has been buried all this while. Don’t think that it is enough to do this a few times in a year. You should indeed try to have such sessions several times a month.

So, for people who want to win back the hearts of their girls, remember that it is possible but please make yourself a better human being before you approach them again.

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