How to have healthy relationships – Tips that Works!

All couples look forward for healthy relationships. A good, strong and caring relationship can brighten up your life regardless of whether it is a romantic one, or just a friendship in the work place.  Unfortunately, we often have to face some bad experiences interacting with someone, and that person can be our spouse, lover, or co-worker.

Quite often two people who are together know very well that they don’t have a healthy bond between them, but yet they don’t really want to break up for some reason. So, if you want to maintain the current status quo you can learn how to improve your situation. Here are some healthy relationships tips you can take to heart.

1. Are the two of you taking responsibility for what you normally say and do? If one person behaves poorly and blames the other one when something goes wrong, is anyone of you willing to own up your part of the problems and sincerely apologize to the other partner? Or, would you feel offended and become angrier?

2. Are you too dependent on the other person? Do you feel comfortable being all alone? Sometimes when you love someone and you always want to spend time together, but it can be quite a different feeling for the other person thinking that you can’t be on your own, or do things by yourself.

3. Can both partners express their thoughts openly and freely? If the relationship is strong and healthy, couples can talk about almost anything including the positive and negative feelings without constraint, or getting angry, or being defensive. You should not worry at all that they may take revenge on you, even though it can be just a silent treatment.

4. Sometimes we may disagree or refuse to follow what our partner wants us to do, and you should feel comfortable to say no to them. If your partner punishes you for holding onto your belief, or you don’t feel comfortable for standing your ground, then the relationship is not really “robust.”

5. Any sort of abuse will not be acceptable. Abuse can appear in many forms. For example, if you are trying to embarrass your partner in front of the other people, it is an abuse even though you are just kidding. You should not make them feel uncomfortable in anyway, and there is no reason and excuse for doing so.

In short, if you are looking for a respectful, loving and strong relationship, you should not settle for anything less. If your partner is not compatible, perhaps you should move on and find another healthier romance. If you are currently attaching to someone, re-examine your situation to make sure the interaction is good and healthy.  If not, work together with them to make things better for both people. Of course, it is all depending on what you really want.

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