Help Heal My Marriage – Stop Further Damage

“My relationship is growing apart. Please help heal my marriage!” If you witness your relationship is collapsing quickly, but you haven’t figured out what to do to prevent further damage, then you surely need some good advice.

There are a couple of things to learn to make a marriage to work. You need to learn how to sacrifice, how to communicate openly, and how to make things or live to be less complicated.

1. To Sacrifice: When someone has involved in a relationship for a while, they may often take things for granted, and expect their partners to fix things for them. If you think that the other person is causing all the problems, then you should also examine yourself. While the root of the issues can come from the other person, you should not do anything to make situation worse.

Very often two people start to disconnect when either one or two parties start to become selfish, or act only according to their own interests. If this is your perception of the relationship, it will break down. Both partners should live as one body, and not two. Every partner is supposed to sacrifice parts of them for the relationship, and realize that through sacrifice only can make two people to be as one.

2. To open up communication: When under enormous pressure, it is very common for people to keep their emotions and bottle things up. This is not a healthy situation. When things or issues are in “captivity” for too long, pressure will build up and reach a bursting point.

When a couple is into their first kiss, it will be like a lot of firecrackers going off. If we allow problems to accumulate for too long then they will blow up like a Nuclear Bomb one day. The longer you wait to talk about your problems, the greater the explosion is. You need to have regular open talk with your loved one to let go the stress and help prevent breakup.

3. To simplify matters: We often make life a lot more difficult for ourselves, and sometimes we also cause the situation worse and irreversible.  Instead of trying to mend a relationship issue, a small matter can often be magnified and got out of proportion.

So, be very clear about what you are looking for from the other person. What would be the ‘must have’ basic needs, and try to make things simple for both partners to handle.

Are you too demanding and being too picky according to your own preference? Are you asking too much from your partner?

To heal your marriage, try to simplify things, communicate on the needs, and make necessary sacrifice. Your love life could have been better.

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