How to Heal a Broken Heart – What Stage Are you In

Are you asking if there are any good tips on how to heal a broken heart? Well, there is no hard and fast rule to get over a breakup, but there are typically 5 stages of emotional grief you have to deal with. Knowing where you are and how you feel now is just part of the healing process that can help you get over this difficult time and feel better.

1. Denial
When your ex walked out from the house, you are left all alone in a denial stage. This is the period you would try to tell yourself that the breakup isn’t true. It will usually be no tears at this stage as the reality has not been accepted. You may still be waiting for the person to call you at work on a particular hour, or preparing dinner for two people.

2. Anger
Now that you realize of the loss and you’re feeling angry. You ask yourself, or your former lover, or perhaps God, and the whole world, “Why me?” Some people in this situation will often think to get even with their ex, or act out towards those who offer help or care for them.

3. Negotiating
Next is the bargaining stage. This can indeed take place before the actual split up. Here is where some people may beg or make deals with the person trying to get him or her back. There may also involve a great deal of praying, pleading and wishing to some higher power, or God, hoping that things will return back to normal. You may make promises to God that “I promise I’ll help the needy if you bring him/her back to me.”

4. Depression
With a broken heart and the helpless feelings, you’re going to deal with the emotions of depression. In this stage, a person will stress up with a mixture of feelings such as sadness, frustration, hopelessness, bitterness, and they also feel sorry for themselves. All these emotions will attack you in full force. You see a completely different future compare to what you used to see. You feel numb and powerless, and things will never be the same again.

5. Acceptance
Lastly and fortunately, you’ve come to the acceptance stage where you acknowledge all the past mistakes you have committed along with the negative results. When you acknowledge that the person is permanently out of your life, you can now move on and go back to the normal routine. You have accepted the fact, and now you can start to set new goals moving forward and leave your past relationship behind.

Eventually, you will reach to a point where you’re strong again and be able to look back at the past relationship so that you can appreciate those things you’ve learn during this difficult time. It’s also important to have some good friends to confide in regularly. You’re not alone, and thousands of others have to deal with broken relationship everyday and they survived.

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