Getting Over a Break Up for Someone You Love

Getting over a breakup is certainly not a pleasant experience. Even though the split up has happened in a peaceful terms, the hurtful feelings can still be bad. Both people are likely to feel sad, confused, angry and guilty. While these negative emotions are expected, there is another form of feeling which is much more difficult to deal with—that is on how to get over someone you love. To survive through this ordeal may require some time and effort.

Before taking any action, you must first make sure that getting over your former lover is really the thing you want to do. As the emotions are running high following a breakup, you can easily get confused by the mix and different feelings. Perhaps you can’t get over your ex lover because you don’t want to forget them.

Not to get yourself confused with the situation, you should first calm down. When you’re not too disturbed by the broken relationship, this allows you to think better and make long-term decisions. There is always a possibility that you want to work things out with your ex trying to get back together. In this report I suppose you have already thought through various options, and now you just want to focus on getting over someone. If you have not reached this decision, take a look at the Magic of Making Up to see what else you can do.

To force someone not to think of their ex can be quite tough and tricky, but it can be done. Some relationship experts will tell you to think about all the bad things and behaviors of your ex partner that hurt and upset you. The logic behind this is to hate them so much that you can push them out from your mind. To me a better way is to forgive and forget all the bad things they have done to you in the past. This can remove all the power they still have on you.  With this you can now start to move forward with a brand new life, and this will take you to the next step.

While there is no way to completely remove their image from your mind, try to overpower it for time-being. Some good way to do it is to remove all their stuffs from the house that can remind you of them. Also, try to live a life to the fullest. Join your friends in the gym, the malls, the bars, or go to movies or the library. The more things you do to occupy your time, the less space you will have for your ex to reside in your mind.

One thing you should understand is that no matter how hard you try, it is not possible to fully forget about them and the past.  In any case you should be able to look back on those good memories together in the future when you‘re no longer feeling hurt and upset about the situation. For now, the important thing is to focus on erasing them from your mind and move on.

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