Getting your Girlfriend Back – Show you’re Desirable

In every four breakups, women initiate three of them base on statistic. So, you probably know it by now that woman is an irrational being, and that getting your former girlfriend back may require some energy and hard work. However, sometimes women don’t do things for their own good. They split up with someone, and often they are ready to reconcile just within a few days after the breakup.

But, in most cases they won’t signal you about their wish to get back together. Perhaps, they feel embarrass about the scene created by them. You may be in the middle of a deadlock with the situation unless you do something to get them back.

To get back the girl you love, there are two approaches you can take. Show them you are desirable, and you are also available. They should also aware of your intention to take them back.

Is there a core issue that is causing the divide? If yes, address that first. For example, when Joe and Lisa first started dating, they often went to art galleries and plays as Lisa really loved arts. When both people were getting more involved in the relationship, dates were gradually centered on Joe’s interest in sports. When Lisa called off the relationship, Joe suddenly woke up and realized that he didn’t take her for any arts events in the last 6 months.

After realizing why Lisa was so enjoying with Joe’s company in the past, he gave her the things that were missing from the relationship just before the breakup. He did not flood her emails with messages or call her continuously, but allow her to have some space to calm down.

A few weeks after the break up, Joe told Lisa casually that he had two tickets to a play and asked if she wanted to go with him “just as friends.” Certainly Lisa would be interested to do something with the guy she still felt for. They went to the play, and later the night he brought Lisa to a romantic bar and bought the best wine. Lisa was impressed by the new Joe, and she felt like jumping right back into the relationship with him.

Now, he is winning over her again, and he had the edge to determine how they wanted to get back together. It would never be the same again as she would be on his terms.

He told her that he had a great time on that evening with each other’s company, and that he hoped they can spend more time together again. But, he also loved sports and hoped that Lisa would want to know more about “fouls” and “touchdown.” She immediately agreed to that, and both parties are happy with the new terms moving forward.

Lisa did not really want to call the relationship off, and it was done over a fit of pique. Joe managed the situation well and realized what was missing. He took her back by fixing the shortfalls and implementing some new rules so that both agreed to complement each other’s need in future.

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