Getting an ex girlfriend back with a Winning Battle Plan

Joe was fully aware of some winning methods of getting an ex girlfriend back. Joe who has fought in the war of Afghanistan knew that all winning battles have to start with a good planning. To win back an ex lover, there would be no exception that a good battle plan was needed.

Lisa who was Joe’s old girlfriend has separated with him after she met another person, a quarterback of the local football team. Joe knew that Lisa would not be happy in the long run with someone whose interest was on sport as she didn’t like football at all. In short, the quarterback was not the type of person that Joe was.

Therefore, Joe worked out a war plan to win back his girlfriend. He approached his situation in three ways.

Firstly, he smoothed out all the rough edges. He groomed himself, worn her favorite type of clothes, cut a short stylist haircut and grow out. He learned that to recover the romance, he needed to be the kind of man that she wanted. So, he went ahead to take up some of her hobbies and read the books she has mentioned before.

Next, he showed his ex girlfriend that he was an attractive and desirable man judging by other women. When he invited Joyce, a friend of Lisa, for a casual date for dinner, he then messaged Lisa asking her where Joyce would like to go on a date. This immediately triggered Lisa to call Joe asking why he took her friend out. Joe claimed that they have already spilt up, and he has moved on. He thought Joyce was quite a nice lady, and it might be a good time to know more about her. If she has any concern, perhaps she should rethink her decision on the breakup.

As expected, Lisa slammed down the phone. But, she has already gotten the most important message he wanted to let her know that he was a virile and desirable guy.

The third approach is to let Joyce feedback to Lisa that her ex boyfriend was a perfect guy for dating.  When picking her up from the house, he gave her a single rose and brought her to a nice restaurant.  On that evening, he spoke about the books he has been reading recently, and about some new hobbies. When he sent Joyce home that night, he gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek before leaving. The next day, he sent her a lovely bouquet and said “I hope you have a good time last night. I really do.”

Over the phone, Joyce asked Lisa why he let go such a great man. Lisa started to miss Joe and she wanted to leave the quarterback. She called him a few days later and said that the breakup might be a big mistake. She asked if they could give the relationship another chance.

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