Tips on Getting ex Boyfriend Back – What Was Wrong?

If you want some proven tips on getting ex boyfriend back, my best advice is to find out what went wrong, improve yourself, let your boyfriend notice the changes, and wait for the result to come. It seems a bit lame, but it is a proven method that works most of the time.

However, there is one thing you should watch out for. You should not take the total responsibility of the situation unless it is a very clear cut that you are the one who messed things up.  But even that, it takes two to break the bond. Although it is the right thing to do to identify and fix problems that caused the breakup, if it is not totally your fault, don’t take all the blame even you’re desperate to get him back. Sometimes women tend to take more burden than they should when dealing with a relationship issue.

If you are not very sure about your real situation, discuss it with a close friend or family openly and freely, and try to get some neutral opinion about your ex boyfriend. You want to know the truth, and not to rationalize and find a good reason to continue staying with that person who you shouldn’t be together. This is certainly not a good way to examine the situation.

When you begin to understand each person’s responsibility in the falling relationship, you can now start improving yourself. At this point you have no control over your ex, and you can’t expect him to change unless he wants to. But, your changes can benefit you in two ways. You have to know that any improvement made will benefit you for life. When you learn how to be a better person, no one can take that knowledge away from you. It will not only help in the reconciliation process but also help in fostering a better bond in future.

If you manage to recover the romance with him, it can also motivate him to make the necessary changes on his part. Using peer pressure is a good way to spur your man to make changes because when his woman has become better and more attractive, he has no choice to follow to improve himself. If this happens, your boyfriend can become a better person than ever before.

It is important to give him the space and don’t pester him so much to get back together.  Make necessary changes and live a happy, normal life. Upon figuring things out and making the required changes, it is time to call him for a talk. Ask your ex if both of you can get together as friends. This is the best option at this point as he will not agree to meet you if knowing that you are going to talk about how to get back together.

Try to reconnect with him again and have some fun. Enjoy each other’s company and be positive. He will notice your changes to be a better person very soon. Both people will get back together if it is meant to be. So, don’t worry about tomorrow.

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