How to Get a Guy Back – Techniques to Convince Him

If you’ve landed on this page, obviously you are looking for ways on how to get a guy back. But, before starting to take any actions, there are a few questions that require you to answer honestly. Why do you want to get back with this person? Do you really want him back? Are you not getting use to the new routine or the convenience given by them? Or, do you feel frightened and lonely for being alone now?

You can have great fun for being a single lady now except that the lifestyle will be different from that when you’re in a relationship.  While couples have to cope with the ups and downs in their daily routines, this means that being single can let you enjoy the fun and flexibility of the whole world.   You don’t need to answer or please anybody for whatever things that you wish to do.

Having to be on your own suddenly can be scary. Time is passing by, and you worry that Mr. Right will never show up again. But, this is not a good reason to get back because of that scary feeling. Who knows the guy living in the same block may be the next person. If the breakup is caused by some silly reasons or behaviors such as a temper tantrum or game playing, then you certainly want to have this person back. You should try to apologize for your foolish behavior.

Sometimes, when the guys are into a relationship they can have cold feet. While they don’t always admit, the guys indeed prefer to spend time with the lady they love than having interests with more than one person. Find out if this is the case for your man.

You can also look out for signs if he regrets the breakup including how he deals with you now. Does he treat you well with respect? Has he brought you to see his mom or family? Unless the men are pretty sure and serious about the relationship, and they see a bright future being together, they don’t simply bring their girlfriends home.

If you want to convince him to come back, perhaps, you have to try seeing things in his shoes. Being able to see the relationship from your ex’s perspective can allow a better chance to resolve your problems and conflicts. Both parties must have the freedom to put across their feelings even though it can be hurtful for the other party to hear.

As long as both parties don’t see that this is a good chance to take revenge or hurt the other person, you will have a good opportunity to work through the problems. Learning how to accept criticism and criticize the other appropriately will be a good stating point to restore your relationship.

Be assertive so that the two of you can express your needs, wants and feelings in a more constructive manner.  Decide what exactly both of you want from this relationship. Hopefully you can reconcile with your ex. Know the current position so that you can move forward with a clear objective and to be more committed in resolving problems.

You can show your anger, but don’t say something bad, reject him, or push him to be further away. You should convince or try to make him realize that the two of you should not be apart but together.

Follow this approach to heart can help to convince him to recover the relationship.

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