Get Ex Wife Back — Step-by-Step Strategy

Thinking of how to get ex wife back? It is not unusual for the men to reunite with their wife after splitting up, regardless of how long ago the relationship has crumbled. However, before you are absolutely sure of that yes, “I want her back,” you should contemplate long and hard about the way the relationship was before the breakup.

Think about why your relationship has fallen apart in the first place. Was it her fault, or yours? Or both parties are responsible? Sometimes it is not obvious whose fault it was because many little things can add up and lead the relationship to a crisis. If the reason is not as serious as having an affair or betraying the other person, then the chance of getting back with your wife will work out.

If the previous spilt up involved hurtful events such as infidelity or abusive relationship, then getting back together will be more difficult. However, you still can do it if both of you want to work hard on it. If your ex wife doesn’t want it, then it is very unlikely that it can be recovered.

Have you ever asked your ex wife if she’s interested to reunite with you? Do you know her thinking or feelings about the relationship? Her answer may surprise you that she is not keen at all to go back to the old way of life.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the feelings, or care for you. She no longer wants to admit it after the relationship has turned bad. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the love can’t be recovered.

If you can convince her to get onboard and try some techniques, then try reading a self-help book about marriage together over lunch. Discuss what you have read with her while the contents are still very fresh on your mind. Don’t get discouraged or upset if she shows no interest of going to a therapy.  While it will make the recovery effort a little more difficult, it can still be done. You can see the therapist on your own, and learn the ways to interact with her properly and effectively.

You can share these techniques with her later, either openly or quietly. Simply use them each time when you communicate with her. Even if she is not interested to know what you have learnt in the counseling, it will still let you have a sense of power that you haven’t had experience before.

Seeking help from counseling gives you the feeling of the extra power, and you can influence a relationship either for better or worse. As you’re seeing the counselor alone, you can bring up some private issues that trouble you. Very soon you can turn “I want back my wife” into “I’ve got back my wife.”

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