How to Get Your Ex to Want You Back – Common Sense Helps!

The pain is incredible when breaking up with the one you really love. The hurtful feelings are combination of heartbreak, sadness, and depression. Most importantly you miss them a lot, and you are constantly thinking of how to get your ex to want you back.

There are unlimited self-help books, web sites, blogs, courses and forums that are intended to provide solutions to deal with these problems. But, taking actions according to common sense after the split can make a difference, and intuitive awareness will make you go a long way in curing the sad emotions.

If you really want to win them back, then take this simple advice to heart. You will put yourself in the best position to get back with that special person.

It is important not to play games with them, but playing tricks can often let a person has a sense of power. Therefore, many people do it when they are hit with a breakup. You may be able to manipulate your ex and have them to think that you couldn’t care less, or you care them more than what you really are. This trick may work for a short while, but eventually you realize that lying won’t make anybody feels good especially when doing something bad to the loved one.

Some people pretend to go out with another person, or be in love with someone else. While you try to trick you ex to make them feel jealous, it will only work from time to time, and it can also get a backfire making the breakup to be irreversible. They may feel so jealous when thinking that you’re with another person and want to recover with you. Or, it may trigger them to think that you don’t really love or care for them since you can move on so quickly. This pushes them farther away. There is no way to know how they would think until it may be too late.

In many situations this happens because the breakup stress and anger make a person lose their mind and respond more viciously than they normally might. Even the other person has hurt you in the past, if your aim is to get back again, then you must be ready to forgive and forget them. If not, there is no reason to get back together.

Now, take a close look at how you’ve been interacting with them. Put yourself in their shoes. Are you looking forward to spend time or talk to someone like you? Would you feel reluctance to face people who behave the same way as you? Do you yell at them? Even though you feel like starting an argument, just don’t. From now onwards, try very hard to control the pain and anger in order to make yourself to be the person they will miss.

Show your best behaviors that drew them to you in the first place. If you can remind your ex partner of the good points, they will surely miss them, and this can improve the chance of being able to reconcile.

These are simply the opening move to get back your ex, and I followed these tips when I was once in trouble with my love life. Nevertheless, all these are not my original thoughts. I learn these special techniques from T ‘Dub’ Jackson who is the author of The Magic of Making Up–a simple, but yet practical step-by-step system to get back my true love. It worked like a magic, and we’re now more in love than ever.

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