How to get back your ex lover – Plan 1st meeting then the 2nd

Almost everyone on earth will have to face the pain of a falling relationship at some point in time. Most people will choose to forget about the person and move on. What a shame! Why? Because many couples do not know that the majorities of breakups can be prevented if at least one person wants to do something about it. If you’re asking how to get back your ex lover, then below are some tips that you need to learn.

Firstly, do an honest evaluation about the relationship and what really has happened. It may be hard to make impartial judgment on the things we don’t do right. Be careful of the things we see are just the symptoms of a deeper problem. For example, if both partners argue all the time, it is easy to assume that the breakup was caused by frequent fighting. But, what are the roots of all those fights? Do you have short temper? Were the two people not communicating enough? Is the trust broken? To understand the real issues, you need to dig deep in order to reach the root cause of the issues before going forward.

By having a clear picture in mind on what contributed to the breakup, the next step is to work on solutions to tackle these problems by yourself. Focus on the part which you are directly responsible for and make changes to correct them. If you can’t find any part that belongs to you in the breakup, then you should review that belief. While one person may be more to blame, bear in mind that it takes two for a relationship to land in your situation. You can only be successful in recovering your love if you know what exactly they are. Nevertheless, you can start fixing those known issues now.

Once improvement and changes are made, it is time to call your ex. While you have worked out all those problems, you will be tempted to tell your ex as soon as you meet him. But, don’t do it. He may not be in the same frame of mind with you as far as the improvement goes. He may need some time to think, and you should not push him too much.

Next, agree with him for a meeting. It is not actually a date, so don’t treat it as one. Talk to him in a friendly mode and take the chance to tell him about what’s in your mind. Don’t mention that you want to reunite. Your aim for the first meeting is to log your ex in for a second one and then the 3rd one. So take things slow and don’t be forceful. Let things happen naturally. Good luck!

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