Best way to Get Ex Back – How to win Lost Love

If you’re in the middle of a breakup crisis, you are probably looking for the best way to get ex back. In fact, you can either try to recover the lost love, or find out what you can do to get over that person. But, none of the two options is easy. Everyone in a crisis will have to go through one or the other. Very few people can actually move on quickly without hoping the situation can be different.

Before taking any action, you should think long and hard about your ex and how you connect with them previously. Think about all the things that happened in the past, and what actually went wrong. Did you continuously upset them? Try to look at the situation objectively. In some cases you may realize that the split up isn’t a bad thing.

If your decision is to reconcile with them, the first thing is to say sorry. You may have already done it a few times, but it is not going to work if your ex doesn’t think that you’re genuine in those apologies. You do it because you want to save the relationship.

If you have done something wrong that you need to ask for their forgiveness, then do it again. At least the apology is more genuine now without anything attach to it. If your relationship has already come to an end, then you are not doing it now to stop the breakup. But, you really want to apologize for the bad behavior, and you really mean it this time.

If your ex is at fault and has committed something that worth apologizing for, instead of waiting for them coming for a sincere apology, just forgive them. Very likely you won’t be able to forget those mistakes especially when the breakup involved cheating, but if you want to get back together you must learn how to forgive them. Otherwise there is no point to recover with them as this will not make you feel happy moving forward. Try to read a few books on how to handle forgiveness.

You can’t bring out the old issue every time when running in to argument. Hurtful things will be mentioned again each time, and this won’t help to build relationship. If you can really forgive the person, then there is no need to dwell on the old issues.  You can prevent a lot of pain down the road if you can work on forgetting and forgiving the past events that caused the relationship to collapse.

Remind them of the “you” that they fall for in the first place because you have certain good qualities. To win them back you need to show them those qualities again like your kindness, thoughtfulness, etc, and not your anger and jealousy.

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