3 steps to Get Back Together with your Ex

If you have just broken up with somebody and wanted to learn some good tactics to get back together with your ex, this is the general feeling that most people will have in such situation.

Perhaps you don’t know what to do now. Or, maybe you are in an emotionally depressed and unstable condition. You may want to call your ex immediately and beg them to take you back. But, do you think this will make the situation better? Instead of doing you any good, it may worsen the situation, chase your former lover to be further away, or make the situation irreversible.

So, whatever you feel like doing now, you should in fact do the opposite. Are you thinking of calling them? Don’t do it! Are you feeling to cry all day? Just don’t!

Instead, take these tips to heart and you will find the answer you want to know for this old question, “how do I recover with my ex?”

1. Accept the fact, the breakup!
First, you need to agree with your ex and acknowledge that you have already split up with them. This allows the process of “moving on” to start sooner. Having to do this will let go a huge amount of pressure that is haunting you right now. Both people need private time to ponder about the relationship as well as to explore other possible options.  Your former lover will find their way to approach you again if they think that the breakup is a mistake, and that they still love you.

2. Stay away from the phone, email and social web sites.
Don’t try to call your ex at this point so that they can have some time to think about the value of the relationship. Cutting off communication may seem counterintuitive, but the purpose is to signal them that you are doing well and have already moved on. This may trigger them to miss you more and make them realize the importance of having you to be around.

3. Plan to reconcile
After you have gone through the above two steps, you are ready to plan for a meeting. Think about what to say during the discussion, as well as where and when you should meet them. It will let you know exactly if they still have the feeling for you, and whether getting back together is still possible. Good luck!

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