How to get an old boyfriend back?

Before you continue searching for information on how to get an old boyfriend back, why don’t you stop for a while and think about a good reason why you want to take him back. Very likely you will say “I still love him.” May be you do, but is that really your main reason?

Well, when a breakup hits you, your life would be shaken to its foundation and you struggle to get back to an ordinary way of life. This is certainly a big reason to take him back, but it is not good enough.

Not only you need to have a strong reason to reconcile with him, but you also have to be completely sincere with your assessment on the relationship whether it will be healthy enough to restart again. So, the question is not about how to get back together, but whether or not you should do it at all.

If the relationship has involved in any kind of abuse in any way such as physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse, then there is no doubt that the relationship should not be continued, even he promised not to do those things again. It just won’t happen!

If your old boyfriend has been attending a few sessions of those relationship therapies and has shown commitment to change his behaviors and actions, then you may want to think about how to reconnect back with him. But, the two of you fell into some kind of dynamic when being  together, and the chances of getting back into the same dynamic is very high when you re-bond again, whether with therapy or no therapy.

If both partners feel that the relationship really deserves a 2nd chance after all careful consideration, here are the things you can try.

1. Firstly, try to call him for a casual talk. Keep the conversation simple and easy, and try to propose to meet as friends. Don’t let him know you have a motive behind to reconnect with him. If he is not even interested to meet over coffee, then the answer is clear and unlikely he will want to recover with you.

If he agrees to see you, then maintain with some casual talk, joke on the old events, have fun, and just be yourself. Don’t push too hard as you will only turn him away. Everything will move naturally from there if he is receptive to take you back.

2. In any case if he turns down the idea of reconciling with you, keep your head held high and walk off. Be proud of what you have just done, and it is important to know the answer so that you don’t linger on this anymore. Don’t get angry but wish him well.  When you remember this occasion in future, you won’t feel like being a fool.

These are some easy tips to determine if your former partner is interested to recover with you. If he’s not, then it’s time to move on with life knowing that you did try.

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