Get back at your Girlfriend – What can you do?

Are you looking for information to get back at your girlfriend? Breakup has caught many guys by surprise, and they don’t really know how to handle it. The first thing that comes to their minds is to look for good tips to undo the situation. They start to reflect upon everything they did in the past that may have caused the breakup, and what they could have done differently. They even start to think about how to write apology letters or do anything that can win back their love.

You are probably hitting a dead end for one reason. The truth is that it is hard to define one core reason that is contributing to the failure of the relationship. Women are emotional and it is hard to understand what’s in their minds.  Sometimes they call off the relationship without a solid reason, and they don’t even know what makes them react the way they do at that moment. So, it may be a waste of time and energy trying to understand what the problems are.

So, the first step in your recovery strategy is to ignore the person for a short while and divert your attention to some other things. Get out there to have fun, meet new friends, groom yourself, go work out, take up new hobbies, etc. When come to knowing new friends, set some goals to expand your network and repertoire.

While this will allow you to have plenty of time to make changes to your life, it will also let you take time out from your ex to think about the relationship. After a while, you will have a better idea for what you want to do moving forward—to get back with your ex, or be ready to move on.

If your decision is to get her back, then it is time to find out if she still has the feeling for you.  Now, you can act a little more aggressive and direct while deploying your strategy, but don’t be too emotional or beg her to take you back. Instead, playing things cool as your ex probably miss you as much as you miss her after being apart for so long. You can play hard to get and show her you have moved on and doing fine. This will trigger her to rethink about the relationship.

It should be apparent by now if there is any chance to be together again. Try not to over analyzing things as it can prevent you from acting the right ways when implementing your strategies. Just play cool and act slowly. She will be yours again!

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