How to Fix a Broken Relationship – 1st Step & Beyond

Before asking how to fix a broken relationship, perhaps you should first determine if it is worth saving. Ask yourself honestly. Are both of you still in love with each other? If the answer is positive, then by all means do something to improve your love life.

There is certainly a big gap in between the two of you. It doesn’t matter what causes the gap to form, but removing it is going to help improving the situation. If both people agree, then start with a clean slate. You and your lover will need to forget what has happened in the past, and both must also believe that everything will work out fine in time, provided that both are willing to put in some effort.

One point to take note is that your relationship did not deteriorate overnight. This means that you can’t fix it over the night as well. I’m not talking about a few days from now, but it will take as long as it requires to restore back that feeling you get in the first place. However, if you get started now, you will get back your happy love life very soon.

Try to view things from the perspective of your other half. You will have a better understanding of the problems that are affecting the relationship so badly. Many small little things add up over time switching the love into a survival mode. Both will stop doing things together, or think as a team. With no teamwork the love will disappear in time.

A good way to understand what’s in your partner’s mind is to work on effective communication. A lot of time we don’t communicate enough with our loved one especially after some time in to the relationship. We expect them to think like us, and this is simply impossible. Sit down and have a truthful talk with your partner and ask them how they feel about things. Don’t be so sure as to insist that you understand how they think. Your judgment can be dead wrong making the situation worse.

When sitting down with your partner to discuss, keep your ego low and look at things and input objectively. Your aim is to get your partner back instead of the ego, and you can’t have both at the same time. Putting your pride in front of them will break the bond.

Set some guidelines for the discussion. You should encourage them to put everything on the table and deal with them. You may hear some unpopular truths but it is important to show respect and not to interrupt their talk. Wait for your turn to explain why you have acted in a particular manner and focus on dealing with the concerns brought up.

Don’t raise your voice or get angry in the meeting. Stay calm so that they will follow the same when it is your turn to speak out. Remember to put your pride aside.

For all the issues raised, talk through each one of them until reaching a solution. Don’t leave anything open as the unresolved issues can get worse and come back to haunt you. You may need more than one session to have resolutions for all the problems. So, make appointment with your other half if needed.

Saving a relationship required commitment and effort from both parties. It takes time to make it work and rebuild the bond. Try to read some self-help books such as the Magic of Making Up for the right approach to use.

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