Does My Ex Love Me – How to Tell?

Many people are still asking “does my ex love me” even though they have split up with their former lover for some time. Who knows your ex partner may also have the same kind of feelings, and they also want to know if you still love them.

It is not too difficult to know the answer if you look out for a few signs. First, try to determine if they are showing some interest in you. Are they spending more time, or go out more often with you than before? If they also flirt with you then you stand a good chance to recover with your ex. But, don’t jump back in to the relationship immediately.

All these are common responses when your former partner is interested to get back together. While you may also have the intention to reunite with them, you should never jump on the bandwagon right away. Play hard to get as at the end you probably receive a very good response anyway. If you are too desperate to get back in to their life, there is a chance your ex may push you back.

Anyway if you see some positive signs that they still want you, the chances are that playing hard to get has led to a renewed interest of the relationship. It doesn’t matter who has initiated the break up, naturally there is a certain level of missing each other, or longing to be together again, particularly for a relationship that has ended for over a year or more.  In any case they are probably going to miss you because it is not easy to forget all those happy memories two people were sharing together in the past. But, there were also the unhappy events and past regrets that have hurt them. If you want to know “does my ex partner still love me” the likelihood is that they also think about the same things, perhaps with similar reasons.

Now, I want to tell you why you shouldn’t jump the gun for rushing back in to dating. Sometimes an ex may appear and show their interest in you again. But it can be a game. It may be a way to get revenge for your past mistakes. Or, they just want to get attention from you with no intention to take you back simply because they know that you love them. They can also use you as a stepping stone to pass time as they don’t have any prospects on hand for this time. So, this explains why you need to pay attention and read their mind before taking any action.

To avoid getting hurt from the same person for a second time, it is better to have some feel about the actual situation before doing anything. Playing hard to get is the best way to handle this situation as you are really not sure whether they are serious in recovering with you or not. It is really no need to rush because eventually they will still be yours if they are proven serious and genuine.

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