How to Make an Ex Boyfriend Want you Back?

No matter how good your break up situation is, it will still make you emotionally stress up. You can’t get your boyfriend out of your mind, and you’re confused, angry, hurt, and sad with a sense of guilt. You know that things will never be the same again, but you’re still wondering “how to make an ex boyfriend want you back?” There is no doubt you can still do something to make him love you again, but it requires some hard work and that you must be willing to make changes to yourself.

You can’t find two people who are identical, and the same goes with relationship. How couples interact with each other is unique. As nobody knows your boyfriend better than you, the technique which I’m going to reveal requires you to apply it in a way that is best for your relationship, your ex and for you. It takes two parties to build a strong bonding. While you may blame him for breaking up with you, in order to rescue the relationship you can only make changes to one person—that is you!

Before taking any action, first you need to stop all communications with your boyfriend although you miss him very much. Stop bothering him at this stage. He needs some time off, and this allows him to breathe and have a clear mind to think over the relationship. You do not want to pester and push him even further away from you. In fact, you need the time off as much as he does, and this is a good time to work on yourself. Do exercise, eat healthy, hang out with friends, and live your life.

When you start to get back yourself and feel better, you can think more clearly. Then, it is time to identify the root causes of your problems. Although it isn’t as easy as you may think, it is important to do this step right. You have to analyze your problem deep below the surface—figure out what is your fundamental issues instead of focusing at the symptoms. For example, you may think that your problem is caused by frequent “arguing.” This is just the symptom. You have to find out what makes both of you quarrel everyday.

After going through all these steps, you’re now ready to contact your ex again. All you need is a chance to speak face-to-face with him. Make sure you stay calm and be positive throughout the whole conversation. Take things slowly. If you’re able to do this step right, you will surely get a positive response from your boyfriend.

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