Ending a Relationship Properly – Hard to Do

Sometimes it is very difficult to save a relationship. For some reason when it has gone sour, somebody will have to initiate a breakup. Otherwise you will continue to suffer a “long expired” love simply because it is hard to be ended.

Every now and then you would see some neighbor going through a breakup in a dramatic fashion. You hear someone screaming and yelling with clothes throwing out from an upper floor window. In other times, the romance will just slowly die off until one person says “it’s over.” So, how should you go about ending a relationship properly so that no one is going to get hurt badly.

The first thing is to get clear on the reasons you want to conclude the romance. The reason that pops up in your mind right away may not be the valid one. So, when your mind is getting clear, the next step is to be honest and true to your partner and yourself in the discussion.

Plan a suitable time for both people for the breakup. Instead of doing it over the phone, it is better to handle such situation in person. Unless the other party is quite a distance away, then it should be done sooner than wait for the time you see each other.

If you still want to be friends after the breakup, you need to wrap up the relationship with love and compassion. Never put them in a defensive mode. Put the situation under control and talk about things you have learned from them, and the sweet memories you will cherish in future. Be positive and present throughout the whole process. Your partner can be very emotional, and you should take care of their feelings and needs.  They may say things that really hurt but they don’t really mean it. Just don’t take things personally. Whatever they have said just let it be.

Most of the time, your partner may need more than one session to end a relationship. Some may linger on it and don’t want to let go. Some may need some space to be alone. So, give them the necessary things to go through the transition period.

One thing you should avoid is to allow them to make you feel guilty as you already prepare to take on a new life which does not include the presence of your ex. So, it is always better to retain a healthy connection after the separation. If both people are terminating the bond with the right reasons, then it is best for both partners.

But, do you ever think of reconnecting? This maybe another option provided both people are willing to put in energy to make it work. There is no fun to make up and then breakup again. Just in case, you may have a second thought and want to give it another chance, you can try to read a few self-help books on how to rescue your love. In fact with the right conditions, almost all relationships can be salvaged.

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