Dealing with Breakup by Taking Time Off

There have been plenty of reports published about breakup, but none of these capture our attention until we are dealing with breakup of our own. Suddenly all the songs, books, movies, and poems resonate with us and start to make a lot of sense. If you have ended a relationship recently, then there is still hope.

While it won’t make your situation to become better, at least it will comfort you a little by knowing that there are bunch of people in the same bandwagon with you. They all have to go through the same thing as what you are experiencing now. While there is no two people behave exactly the same, and no two relationships are identical, there have been many good tips handed down by people over the years.

Of course you will have a mix of feelings right now with confusion, sadness, guilt, shame, anger, doubt, relief, depression and so forth.  That is perfectly normal. But you don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes the feeling is so agonizing until you think you will never want to involve in another relationship again, but in other time you are doing quite well. Be confident! While you’ve lost your love, it doesn’t mean that you’ve also lost your mind. Whatever you’re facing now will not last for too long.

The first thing you want to do is to clear your mind. Take some time off to break away from the busy routine. I’m not asking you to hide in a corner and wallow in self-pity. Anyone in this situation should indeed look forward, and not the past. It may be a good time to take a short vacation somewhere if you can arrange a break from work. When you are not continually be reminded of your lost love, you will get a fresh perspective of the situation. This is what you want now.

When returning from the break, you can start thinking about your relationship again. Don’t get work up if you still can’t handle the emotions. Take as long as it takes, even it means to take another break. Look at it only when you’re ready again.

It is important that you work through this step as it is the best way to cope with the situation. Although it looks difficult, it can be done. Face the emotions, and events that caused the relationship to collapse. Take heart! No one says it is easy, but the effort will certainly worth it. You will find that when going through this step each time, it will make you feel better. You can have a clear mind to figure out what you really want to do next, even to win back your former partner.

One thing you should know is that this step doesn’t work for everyone, or it may not be enough to soothe you. In this case getting help from someone else like a counselor, a member of clergy, a friend or a family member is recommended. It is not important of whom you choose, but getting some help really matters when dealing with breakup. You don’t have to stay in the current situation forever when a relationship has ended. Many people will try to sort things out. But, regaining a sense of normalcy is crucial, and it can only make you better moving forward.

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