Marriage Therapist — Couple Counseling to Stop Breakup

Some couples know how to get help from a marriage therapist for advice when their relationships hit into troubles. To many people particularly the women, marriage is the heart of their lives. Almost all of their other relationships involving the family members, kids and friends are centered along the marital axis. When a marriage is destroyed, all the other parts of life will follow. So, there is a need to maintain a healthy relationship all the times.

Will a marriage or couple counseling work for everyone? How do you know when someone should look for a therapist?  Well, there are always a few warning signs before a relationship turns in to a crisis. Here are the signals to watch out and to consider seeing a counselor.

  1. have frequent conflicts
  2. involve infidelity
  3. imbalance of work-life
  4. complicated family problems
  5. drug or substance abuse
  6. lack of communication
  7. issues with kids
  8. domestic violence

Engaging a family counselor can help to facilitate and improve the relationship within family members by exploring effective solutions and techniques of communication, conflict management, and various types of “coping methods” that can help to resolve issues and make things work better for your family. Besides, a counselor can also help to look into resolving some “old” traumas which are carried over from the old days.

So, how are you going to pick a good marriage therapist? Well, you don’t need to make a decision until you have talk to a few of them. Ask some specific questions to determine who can help you and your partner.  Here are some appropriate questions to ask.

  1. Have you ever worked with any couple who face the same problem like us?
  2. What are the methods used in your therapy?
  3. What can I expect after going through this process?
  4. How do you charge?

You can get the names of the counselors from the referral services or display boards of some non-profit organizations, or recommendations from family members or friends who had gone through the same experiences on therapy. For some reason if you can’t get any references from these channels, try to look up yellow pages or web sites on the net on family counselor. Some of these sites may be even enclosed with a description of practice, some articles, or a resume written by the therapist.   This will provide ideas on how they can work for your case.

But, it is also advisable to consider a licensed professional who has the qualifications such as Marriage & Family Therapist License (MFT), Psychiatrist (M.D.), Psychologist with a doctorate degree (Psy.D.), or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Choosing a licensed processional will ensure that he or she is up to date on practice standards, internship and education. You may also notice some “relationship coaches” around, but they have different obligations than these professionals.

Also, take note that different therapists will charge different rates for their services. Some may take insurance but others won’t. Be sure to ask about the payment options when doing your selection.

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