Coping with a Broken Heart

At some point in time, both the man and woman will have to go through the pain of breaking up. It doesn’t matter who actually call off the relationship, but both people will equally suffer when coping with a broken heart.

Sometimes couples split up without a solid reason, and the experience is really painful. At other time it happens for the good of both parties.

If the situation is not handled well, it can cause negative consequences and affect the future relationships you may have. You should avoid dwelling on the lost love or hiding in the corner wallowing in self pity. You need to accept the truth that it is going to be hurtful. Since you won’t be about to avoid, undo or suppress it, then confront and deal with it.

There is no shortcut to handle heartbreak. You have to get through it and cope with the ordeal. Try to make use of this time to understand the pain. Some effective methods to do it are to get professional help, or express the feelings in your blog.

Next, you may want to look at your childhood experience or review the past incidences if there was anything that may have contributed to the relationship failure. For example, some people may have problem with their step parent, or being abused by them before. This would shape them to behave in a particular way when dealing with relationship. Pay special attention to some of the unpleasant events in the past as they may also have influence on your future relationships.

Don’t look at yourself being the victim of the situation but be responsible of your behaviors and actions. While in your opinion your former lover may be the root of all problems, most of the time both partners are responsible for the underlying issues of the falling relationship.

By correcting your mindset of being the “victim”, you can definitely learn to become more attractive, compatible and healthier for your future partners. By now you should know that the “victim story” was just your own attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that have formed your opinions about things. It always paints a nice self satisfying prophesy.

If you are dealing with a broken heart but continue to linger on the pain, you won’t be able to get over the breakup. But, when you start to deal with your emotions and let go of your feelings, you trigger the start of the healing process.

It takes a lot of energy and time to cope with heartbreak. Take this as a learning experience to grow and become a more attractive person for your next love. Good luck!

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