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Can a Marriage be Saved?

No matter how strong a marriage is, it tends to have some ups and downs. If the downs are more than the ups, then it can have a negative effect on your love life. Even a strong relationship bonding can sometimes find it hard to withstand too many downs. If you’re asking “can a marriage be saved,” the answer to that is a definite yes if you start to do the right things immediately.

To make the effort effective in improving your marriage, first you must be completely honest to yourself and to your other half. You need to be willing to commit and change your behaviors and actions in order to make things better. While the process takes time, the effort is worth it.

If the two of you have been fighting all the time, it is obvious that the way you communicate with them needs some improvement. But, a certain amount of argument itself is a way of communicating. It is normal for couples to fight, and it means that there is still hope for the relationship. It is more worrying if couples stop talking and ignoring each other. This happens when either one party or both have given up hope.

Most people are not good listeners, and this can result in an ineffective communication. Imagine you are in a fight with your spouse. Both people are talking, but no one is listening to what the other person is saying. The communication will be a complete breakdown. In fact, it needs practices to be a good listener, and it is an active process that needs you to understand what they say before reacting. You also need to give your total attention when talking to your spouse.

Besides being honest and trying to improve communication to save your marriage, it is crucial to find out the reasons behind that have contributed to your current situation. This isn’t a straightforward step as we are often taking the symptom as the root of the problem. For example, spending too much time with friends then with your spouse is very likely just a symptom of a deeper problem. You should keep digging and ask yourself “why” until you are able to get to the root of the issue that causes both people to grow apart.

Once you recognize the reasons, you must resolve them if you want to enhance your situation. You won’t be able to fix problems all alone. So, talk to your spouse about your intention to improve the relationship and work on finding solutions together. You should be able to rekindle things so long if you work on your communication skills and be honest to them.

In any case, if the two of you can’t work things out by yourself, seeking professional help will be a good option. I know many couples don’t like to have a third party’s involvement in their private matter, but if you really want to rekindle things for the long term benefits of staying together, then a counselor can certainly help to save your marriage.

Divorce should not be an option when a marriage hits a rough patch. Taking actions to improve the situations can only make your relationship happier in long run. In fact, most relationship can be saved if you do something about it today.

How to have healthy relationships – Tips that Works!

All couples look forward for healthy relationships. A good, strong and caring relationship can brighten up your life regardless of whether it is a romantic one, or just a friendship in the work place.  Unfortunately, we often have to face some bad experiences interacting with someone, and that person can be our spouse, lover, or co-worker.

Quite often two people who are together know very well that they don’t have a healthy bond between them, but yet they don’t really want to break up for some reason. So, if you want to maintain the current status quo you can learn how to improve your situation. Here are some healthy relationships tips you can take to heart.

1. Are the two of you taking responsibility for what you normally say and do? If one person behaves poorly and blames the other one when something goes wrong, is anyone of you willing to own up your part of the problems and sincerely apologize to the other partner? Or, would you feel offended and become angrier?

2. Are you too dependent on the other person? Do you feel comfortable being all alone? Sometimes when you love someone and you always want to spend time together, but it can be quite a different feeling for the other person thinking that you can’t be on your own, or do things by yourself.

3. Can both partners express their thoughts openly and freely? If the relationship is strong and healthy, couples can talk about almost anything including the positive and negative feelings without constraint, or getting angry, or being defensive. You should not worry at all that they may take revenge on you, even though it can be just a silent treatment.

4. Sometimes we may disagree or refuse to follow what our partner wants us to do, and you should feel comfortable to say no to them. If your partner punishes you for holding onto your belief, or you don’t feel comfortable for standing your ground, then the relationship is not really “robust.”

5. Any sort of abuse will not be acceptable. Abuse can appear in many forms. For example, if you are trying to embarrass your partner in front of the other people, it is an abuse even though you are just kidding. You should not make them feel uncomfortable in anyway, and there is no reason and excuse for doing so.

In short, if you are looking for a respectful, loving and strong relationship, you should not settle for anything less. If your partner is not compatible, perhaps you should move on and find another healthier romance. If you are currently attaching to someone, re-examine your situation to make sure the interaction is good and healthy.  If not, work together with them to make things better for both people. Of course, it is all depending on what you really want.

How to maintain Happy Love Relationships?

While healthy love relationships require both partners to be compatible, other aspects such as mutual respect, effective communication, trust, and honesty are equally important in order to foster a good bonding. Couples who know how to compromise and complement one another like best friends when problems arise can go a long way, and such relationship will bring benefits to both people in long run.

Having a strong tie between two people based on the following principles is what all of us dream to have. You wish to find a perfect partner who you can spend the rest of your life together. These tips can definitely help you sustain a better long term bond.

Some people are very lucky because they manage to find that special person who can always make them feel happy. But sadly, many of us are unhappy with our partners as they constantly disappoint us or hold us back. They make our lives miserable.

We expect our loved one to build us up and give us the necessary support during tough period. But, if your partner gives you hell while you are already in a stressful condition, it is really no fun. Perhaps you want to rethink your situation and move on.

To keep a healthy relationship, it takes a lot of energy and time. But, is maintaining a healthy relationship really that difficult? I don’t think so! Perhaps, I may be one of those lucky guys. But, if it really needs extra effort and the situation is difficult to handle, maybe you want to consider getting out of it. Give yourself another chance to find someone better.

You don’t need to torture yourself as a healthy partnership should bring a lot of joys and romance. Both people must complement one another well, communicate effectively, take care and share things with each other.

Instead of asking “what’s in it for us,” it is very sad to know that some couples have a self-absorbed mindset of “what’s in it for me.” They compete with each other until the bond breaks eventually.

On the other hand, if couple wake up every morning and be ready for each other, and they work as a team to let the love fire continues, you probably will start to ask why so many couples are having so much issue interacting with their partners. It really doesn’t need to be in this way. Life is too short to be unhappy, and how to live your life to the fullest is all depending on you.

We love our partners and want to be loved. It is never too late to learn some techniques on how to improve the love relationships so that both people can become each other’s refuge just when you need them or for the rest of your life.

Read Warning Signs of a Breakup and Recover

To say that a breakup is a tough experience is certainly not overstated. Even the mildest one can lead to a whole bunch of negative effects. Unless something has happened that both people must absolutely move in separate ways, otherwise you should avoid getting into a breakup by all means. Here are the warning signs of a breakup you should learn to recognize.

1. Staying away from each other:
It is perfectly fine to want some private time but just to a certain extent. Usually you will have some ideas about what your other half is doing. Even if you can’t get along well with your partner, there will be some day-to-day interaction. If either one person is avoiding the other one, it is certainly a warning indication of a relationship in trouble. You can’t resolve the issues you have without facing each other.

2. Don’t talk:
If partners are avoiding one another, there will be literally no, or very minimal communication even though both people are staying together. While the two of you are living in the same roof, either both don’t talk to one another, or one party refuses to talk to the other person. If this is happening to you, it is important to re-establish the lines of communication.

3. Often arguing:
This is the easiest warning sign to recognize. The expert claims that a certain amount of argument between partners is normal because it is also some form of communication between couples. It is important that the fight is not getting personal but focus on someone’s behaviors and actions. In this case, it is very likely that conflicts or disagreements can be worked out.

4. Sudden changes:
If you partner is showing some odd behaviors and obvious changes, it may be a signal of something is going on. If he or she used to come home immediately after work but is now spending time in the office; if your partner is giving extra care to their appearance, he or she may be trying to impress someone. Does this indicate that the relationship is going to collapse? The answer is yes and no. But, a sudden change in the routine or behavior should raise a red flag that something is happening in the relationship.

When the warning indication is obvious, you should start to identify the roots of all problems and make changes to ease the situation. It is entirely your choice whether you want to make things better. At least, you do put in some thoughts and efforts trying to prevent a breakup from happening and make life better moving forward.

How to Stop a Breakup or Divorce -– 5 Easy Steps

Breakup and divorce seem to happen every moment, and the numbers are escalating. Therefore, everyday there are lots of people want to know how to stop a breakup and divorce. Fortunately it can be done. It is also not too difficult if you take these 5 steps to heart, but you are definitely required to put in some energy.

1. Make effort to talk regularly
For any relationship to survive, you need to spend time with the other person. I don’t mean to throw out some odd conversation over dinner table while your children are playing but actually making a sound effort to talk. Find time to spend with each other on a periodic basis, and the best time is when the kids go to bed. Switch off your computer, TV and cell phones. Just sit down and talk about things that concern you, the family, your day and your feelings.

By keeping the lines of communication going, you will find that your relationship will have less conflicts, misunderstandings and disagreements on the little things. It is still perfectly normal to argue from time to time, and in fact, it can be a good thing to do with nice making up sessions.

2. Have respect for the other person
Regardless of how long both people are in a relationship, respect for each other should always be practiced. Give them the room and private time to do the things they want. You should know that your partner is going through some tough time due to work or personal issues which are not related to the relationship. Provide your support although you may not be able to solve their problems. It still will help them a lot.

3. Never put the other person down
When you love someone, you will tend to be open and share intimate details you wouldn’t want to share with the others. If one partner is using this information to put the other person down, the hurt is tremendous. So, be careful for what you want to say. If you have insulted them, quickly say sorry and reassure them you didn’t do it by purpose.

4. Express you appreciation when it is due
Every one of us is at fault for taking things for granted, and this includes how we handle our jobs, our health, our parents as well as our partners. So, start making conscious effort to show appreciation to your loved ones for their effort made in taking care of you and the family. Appreciate them in whichever ways they like to see the praise, in verbal or in the form of some gestures. It can enhance your mutual appreciation and improve the relationship bonding. Thus it reduces the chance of having a breakup.

5. Show forgiveness
To err is human, and everyone makes mistakes. Instead of holding on to your partner’s fault, why not just forgive them. There will be time you mess up and need similar favor and understanding from your partner. The relationship can be much happier if you stop expecting them to be.

Take these 5 tips to heart and you will never need to worry about a breakup or divorce.