How I Bring My Ex Back – An Experience Sharing!

Keep thinking about “how to bring my ex back?” It is very challenging to make your ex falling in love with you for a second time. The fact is that he or she has called off the relationship. If you can’t identify what went wrong in the past, you probably won’t stand a chance at all to win back the love.

If you have previously involved in an affair and lost all your credibility, you will have to work on regaining the trust in the relationship gradually. You have to do a lot of stuffs to show that you can be trusted again.

Before doing anything, first you have to be very clear of the reasons for bringing back your ex. Why do you want to fool around in the first place? Is it because you’re not sure he or she is the one you want? What make you think that you will stop messing up again? How certain you are now that this is the relationship you want moving forward?

If you have a firm decision to go ahead, then you should apologize. It doesn’t mean that you can go very far from here to recover the love, but this is an important first move.

Don’t push him or her too hard just because you want to get out of the current situation fast. Give them the time to heal, and avoid playing head games that can destroy the trust you’ve been trying to restore. Stay humble and avoid dating other people during this time.

One good step is to let your ex feels your care for being a “great friend.” Think of the things that you did in the past that made him or her to be attracted to you. Do those things again.  If your ex still has feelings for you, being a good and caring friend can help them forgive and forget your previous breach.

But, besides an affair there can be other reasons for your ex to dump you. Is your relationship lacking “a little something” or excitement? If yes, it is time to spice things up if you want to recover the love. When two people were first into a relationship, dating is probably the most fascinating event. You would carefully plan the nights and dressed up for each date. From time to time you would also surprise the other person by presenting him or her with little gifts. As the love grew into maturity, some of these things can easily be forgotten or overlooked.

If you think that you have been sloppy allowing the relationship to become boring, then spice things up now. Have casual dates with your ex for “just being a friend.” Do something different but exciting.  Bring him or her to a wine bar instead of a snooker hall. Surprise your ex with two tickets to a concert with his or her favorite music instead of staying home on Saturday night watching F1 racing or football. Also, go to special places for unique foods.

If you’re a boring person, you can make your life more interesting by taking a class or joining up a social group for fascinating activities. Start skiing, ballroom dancing, skydiving, etc. Show him or her that you are indeed not that boring, and that they can have a lot of fun if they stick to you.

One very important thing you must not do is to pester your ex. Although they still have strong feelings towards you, not giving them the space to breathe will only push them further away. The worst thing that can happen is to send him or her 50 emails or text messages in a day, or call at 3:00 a.m. asking why the relationship has fallen apart. Back off and don’t be needy. Also, be casual when meeting your ex.

There can be many other reasons to cause a divide. Take a hard look on why it happened, and make necessary changes to bring your ex back. The old habits won’t bring you anyway. Learn your lesson now, and you can go a long way.

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